Childish Behaviors

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"Justin, Shawn's touching me!" Ruel whined as he glared at the older teenager. Shawn simply shrugged and continued to point his finger inches away from the young Australian.

"I'm not touching you," Shawn smiled sweetly, which aggravated Ruel even more. Ruel crossed his arms and scooted over slightly, causing Shawn to do the same thing.


Justin was screaming internally at the two kids in his vision. Ruel was going to stay over for the weekend while his mother was taking care of some adult business and she didn't want Ruel to be by himself the entire time.

Ruel's mother begged Justin to watch him for the time being and Justin wasn't too sure at first due to Shawn's jealous tendencies. He didn't want to disappoint Ruel however whose mother already told him he could stay with Justin. So Justin finally agreed to watching him.

He didn't know that it would've been an annoying decision as he sat and listened to the two bicker as if they were preschoolers as supposed to two almost adults.

"That's enough!" Justin finally snapped after hearing all of the annoying noise. Justin then rose an eyebrow when apparently his words fell to deaf ears as he kept hearing Ruel whine for Shawn to stop.

"Didn't I say that's enough? You both are trying very hard to get spankings today," Justin scolded, making Ruel look at him sheepishly and then down at his feet.

Shawn on the other hand still had a little attitude problem which would probably cost him the luxury of sitting comfortably on his backside. Justin came over and sat between the two to avoid further bickering between them. He looked at Shawn with a not so nice glance which caused the hairs on the back of Shawn's neck to stand up.

Shawn crossed his arms over his chest and sighed in annoyance when Justin began to lecture them. He felt as though he was old enough to do certain things without his brother reprimanding him for it constantly. Shawn lifted his legs on the couch and rolled his eyes in annoyance when Justin was talking to him.

"Excuse me?" Justin's frustration was starting to grow bigger due to Shawn's disrespectful behavior. Shawn looked down at his phone and mumbled a "you're excused," under his breath. Justin took it out of his phone out of his hands and smirked at him. "I guess this phone is also excused because it is mine for the rest of the day." Justin said in a strict tone.

Ruel snickered quietly to himself at the face Shawn was making and Shawn glared in his direction. "You can lose yours too, Ruel. Keep it up," Justin warned the younger teen. Ruel clamped his lips shut and nodded, looking back down at his feet, trying to avoid the tension between the two siblings.

"That's not fair, you can't do that." Shawn complained defensively, trying his hardest not to whine. "Why isn't it fair, Shawn? You are continuing to not listen to me, so when that happens you begin to lose things. Whether it's your electronics or your right to sitting comfortably." Justin explained which caused Shawn to blush heavily. He groaned obnoxiously and got up, walking out of the area where Justin and Ruel were.

Justin tried his hardest from getting up and giving him a spanking from behaving so childishly but he decided to give him a break. Ruel looked at Justin slightly uneasy and Justin ran his fingers through the kid's hair. "Maybe you should go play something?" Justin suggested as he got up, about to go prepare for a phone meeting he was going to have. Ruel nodded and jumped up.

"I'm gonna go find Shawnie and we can play PS4," Ruel suggested and Justin stopped him. "Nah, you aren't. I'm about to be in an important meeting and I don't need to hear bickering in the background or else it won't be pretty for some backsides." Justin raised his eyebrow and Ruel quickly flushed, looking down at his feet while holding his bottom in embarrassment.

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