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"You have spent way too much time around me, Angel." Ayden didn't take his eyes off the movie screen.

"How?" I tilted my head, eating a handful of popcorn.

Everyone around us shushed us into silence. Ayden glanced at me and smirked, whispering, "That's how."

I turned red, feeling so humiliated for getting quieted in a movie theater. I hated Ayden for having made me do such a thing. I hated being the bad guy.

Our movie finished and I hit him gently as we left the theater. "Was that necessary?"

"Yes, because it was funny. That is what we do in this relationship." He smiled down at me.

I narrowed my eyes, grabbing his hand and squeezing tight. "It'll be really funny soon, won't it?"

He gave me a confused expression, eyebrows tilted inward with the nose scrunched up. I gave him an innocent smile of mine and walked along the edge of the curb. The day was beginning to bloom in all its glory.

The white and pink flowers filled the trees with their beauty, falling to the ground as if it were snow. The wind blew gently, sending my hair every which way. I balanced myself along the curb of the sidewalk, still holding Ayden's hand if anything happened.

"I used to wear heels all the time. You think I would be balanced by now." I laughed. "But I went barefoot for over a year, so it's bound to happen." I pushed hair from my face, pulling more strands out of my mouth. I watched the puffy, white clouds float through the sky like ducks on the water. The sky was a lighter blue of the water.

They said the ocean was blue as a way to reflect the blue sky that hung above it.

I didn't know how true that could be, but the ocean did change with the weather. However, blue was still a dominant color in its depths.

I lost my step and tripped off the curb. I felt an arm wrap around my waist and pull me away from the street. "I always have to catch you. I thought you were supposed to be saving me?" Ayden chuckled lowly against my hair.

I took a deep breath and patted his arms as they stayed around my torso. "I am but it's also an equal team effort. You're a man. Act like it."

He pretended to be offended. "Angel, this is a new age. We don't do gender roles." He scoffed playfully.

I laughed and stood up. "I only died a year ago. I'm also still in this world, so I know." I quickly pecked him on the cheek, testing out the kissing deal.

"That was the wrong spot." He pointed to his lips.

I gave him a small smile. "You have to come down here. My toes are not made for standing on." I gestured him to come to my height.

He bent his knees a bit and I kissed him on the lips. "Much better." It was a sweet kiss, filled with candy and rainbows. That's what I saw in my mind anyway.

He pulled me back to him when I tried to walk away. He continued to kiss every inch of lips, the very being of who I was.

"Eliana?" I heard a man's voice echo my name behind me.

We both pulled away and looked at him, and my throat formed a lump. My heart began to beat rapidly, threatening to burst from my chest. My stomach tried to claw its way up my throat. My voice became hoarse and shaky. "Liam."

He was shocked that I was standing here without a scar. I was dead, though. He just didn't know.

Ayden immediately wrapped his arms around me protectively at the mention of Liam's name. He knew. "What do you want from us?"

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