6 | Chapter Six

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Change of heart.

Connor couldn't quite grasp the fact that he was heading down to the dean's office for retaliation. How could he let such a low act taints himself? Why did he let his emotions overrun his sense of judgement?

He walked the stone hallways, mumbling under his breath as he began running statistics through his brain, asking himself questions as to how it all went wrong. But each answer that came up fell short, due to the fact he had nobody else to blame.

"This is a terrible mistake." Connor's voice was thick and raspy, almost sounding worried. "It's my very first day, and I'm at risk of becoming expelled!?"

Connor grunted under his lips, grinding his teeth in frustration. He ran his fingers through his hair, pulling at the lapels of his blazer to try and calm his nerves. But his attempts were futile, all because of the irritable moon mage.

She toyed at him with irritation, tugged at his nerves with each whistle that left her mouth. Her approach to this whole ordeal was calm and relaxing. There was not an ounce of doubt in her body language.

Why did this sort of attitude annoy Connor so much?

He couldn't take the whistling anymore and roar. "Shut up with your whistling! It's so annoying." He ran the palm of his hand across his face, clenching his teeth together in anger. He exhaled angrily, hoping that she would stop and realise how irritating she is.

But all she did was look over her shoulder, shaking her head at him. Not only did she refuse to stop whistling, but Macey began to sound louder, more high pitch in tone.

Her actions plucked Connor's last nerve.

"This is all your fault," he said. "If you had kept your anger on a leash, we wouldn't be in this situation."

Macey quickly spun around, becoming toe to toe with Connor.

"Oh shut up, Heslington." Macey laid a finger on his chest, slightly pushing him away. "You talk too much, that's why you almost got an ice shard to the face. If you had just hushed your lips, maybe we wouldn't be here."

Connor folded his arms, sneering at Macey's little claim. "Don't blame me for your lack of self-control."

She shook her head, rolling her eyes at Connor. "I'm not blaming you; I'm stating the obvious. Heslington's always gotta prove they're the shining star. Then when the little guy comes along and outshines them, they can't help but cut them down to size."

The veins along Connor's arm began to glow orange, with small embers beginning to scatter along his skin. "You have no idea what you're talking about."

An icy breeze brushed against Connor's face, the light dusting of frost covered the stones that surrounded them.

Macey glared into his eyes with hate, her teeth clenched together. "Well if I didn't, I wouldn't be saying it would I, you giant idiot."

Connor had enough. Flames spiralled along his arm, directed straight at the irritating moon mage. But before he could do anything, tendrils of water began to climb up his legs, quickly making their way up to his arm. His flames disappeared in mere seconds.

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