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17 years ago...

I woke up with one thing on my mind. Today was the day I was going to ask Father if I, or should I say, Five and I could time travel. Five and I are far more advance with our powers than any of my other siblings. All though he already knew that. I looked at my clock that was on my nightstand and it read 7:15 am. I quickly get up and head to my dresser to put on my uniform. After that was one I did all my other things like brushing my hair and putting on a little bit of makeup that I was allowed to have. Once I was ready I walked through the walls of my room into Fives. He was already dressed and sitting on his desk writing.

"Hey," I said as I sit down on his bed.

"Jesus Z, I didn't even notice you walk in," He said a bit startled. I only smiled at im before speaking up.

"So, Five, I was gonna ask Father if we can start time traveling. You in?" I asked him from my position.

"I was actually thinking the same. Our spatial jumps are perfect. He's gonna have to say yes." Five answered with hope in his voice.

"Great. I'm gonna bring it up during breakfast." I informed him as I walked towards his bedroom door.

"No talking during meal time" Five quoted father, reminding me of his "rules".

"He isn't going to listen to us any other way. It's the only time" I answered him, justifying myself.

"Well, of course, I'm gonna back you up. Any reason to piss him off right?" He said while chuckling.

"Duh," I said playfully as I walk out his room. I head towards the bathroom, only to find Klaus brushing his teeth.

"Hey Z, what's up?" He asked as he spits out the toothpaste.

"Nothing. Scood over loser" I said playfully as I too began to brush my teeth.

"At least I'm an actual number" He mumbled loud enough for me to hear. I laughed and rolled my eyes at his comment.

"Yeah, yeah, yeah, I'm still the best though" I answered giving him a playful wink only for him to return the gesture. As we finished up we hear mother bell ring signaling us that its time for breakfast.

"Yessss," Klaus said throwing his head back in excitement.

"Someones hungry," I said while laughing, knowing it was the munchies.

"Always am," He said as he walked out the bathroom with me following him. We see the rest of our siblings make they're way down the stairs towards the dining room. I greeted mom good morning before taking to the assigned seat next to Vanya, who was head of the table, and Five who was in front of me.  We stood in front of our chairs waiting for Father to get there. In a matter of seconds, father comes down and also stands in front of his seat at the other side of the table. He looked at us making sure we were presentable.

"Sit," He said as he took a seat himself. I pulled my chair out and sat down. I was way too anxious to ask him that I wasn't even hungry. I look up and see Five also not eating. I look down the table at my father and see that he isn't even paying not one ounce of attention at us. Breakfast is supposed to be happy, not sitting in silence eating. I feel Vanya's eyes on me, studying me. I looked at her and she shakes her head as if knowing I was gonna break a rule. Five looked my way and nodded his head telling me to say something. I pick up the knife that was at the side of my plate and stab it onto the table. Father shoots his head up towards my direction.

Finally, I have all of they're attention.

"Zero?" He questions at my sudden outburst.

"I have a question" I stated holding my head up high.

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