Chapter 7 - Interrogation

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Bakugou's POV:

The police had taken us back to their HQ, or as far as they knew they had brought me back to their HQ. We need to find someone who can help us with this whole situation before Deku can get the chance to vanish. Deku had stuck close to my side this entire time, understandable since I'm the only one who can see and hear him.

Currently, I was being led down a hallway by that cat officer from earlier, I didn't bother to remember his name so from now on he'll just be Pussy. I smirked a bit to myself as I looked at his cat-ears and that ridiculous bell around his neck. I was then led into something that looked like an interrogation-room as Pussy just gestured for me to sit down in a chair on the far side of the table.

"What the hell? Why the fuck did you lead us-- Me, here?" I asked and had to correct myself mid-sentence when I once again was painfully reminded of Deku's little problem.

"Tsukauchi wants to talk with you." Was all Pussy said before he left the room and closed the door behind him. Deku stood beside me as I just sat down in the chair as I had been asked to and sighed frustrated.

"This is such a fucking pain in the ass..." I sighed and looked up at the ceiling. Deku then leaned over my face and stared down at me. I just looked at him confused as I blinked once, then twice. What the hell is he doing..?

"Kacchan?" Deku asked as he stayed right above my face and for some reason, I got this uncomfortable, yet warm feeling inside. I wanted to move away from him immediately and yet I wanted him closer. You still can't touch him idiot so this is probably the closest he'll ever get... I painfully reminded myself as I just hummed a silent 'yeah?' at him.

"I know you normally want me to stay as far away from you as possible, but is it okay with you if I stay around you until Tsukimono calls my soul back..?" Deku asked hesitantly as his voice grew sad at the last part. That's right, we're on a time limit...

"Forget about it..." I said and turned my head slightly to the side, not wanting to look him in the eyes anymore.

"Forget about it?" Deku asked as his stupid curiosity shined through him even now, "What do you mean? Forget about what?" Deku asked as I felt his confused stare on my face, pissing me off a bit.

"... HOW STUPID ARE YOU!?" I barked irritated and glared back up at him, a light pink spreading across my fucking face. I can't believe he makes me go into detail... I thought angrily and continued, "Forget about the whole... Staying away part..." I said and kept looking into his emerald eyes. I watched as his eyes widened and beamed with happiness and if he could, I would've bet my future as a hero that he had tackled me in a hug.

"Bakugou," The door then swung open as I turned my head to see that 'Tsukauchi' guy walk in with a few pieces of paper in his hands. As soon as he had left the doorframe to enter the room, All Might was revealed next as he looked right at me with this worried, yet apologetic look. The hell is he still doing here!? I thought, but before I got the chance to say anything I saw Deku leap towards him with tears in his eyes.

"All Might!" Deku said relieved as was about to try and hug All Might, I guess, before All Might walked right through him. I saw something in Deku's eyes shatter as his shoulders sunk slightly and he just looked after All Might. I couldn't help but glare at All Might, even though he didn't even know what how he had just made Deku feel.

"I found him." I said lowly and turned my gaze slightly towards Deku as he looked at me, his face for once not showing any emotions. All Might and Tsukauchi looked at me with wide eyes as they sat down in a chair each on the other side of the table.

"You found him?" They both asked in unison as Tsukauchi looked confused at me, but All Might just quickly gestured for me to continue. I guess he has learned when to shut up and when to talk... I thought feeling a bit self-satisfied as I just nodded.

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