6. Worth

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I just lay on my bed, staring at the ceiling before I closed my eyes. I just hoped not to hear anything anymore. Not a single breath or beating heart. And I could hear the footsteps in the hallway that lead to his bedroom. And then I heard them again but slower and heavier as they walked down the stairs, slowly. 

After listening for a little while, I could hear the front door open and close. A car drive up the drivers way and I stepped towards the window. Seeing the same man, taking the woman from Jun's arms and putting her in his car. I couldn't hear their voices, I couldn't follow their conversation. But all I know was that this happened every single time. 

Jun stands outside of his house, looking at the trees by the road. "So, what about your wife?"
"Your wife."
"Oh," he shrugs.
"What? You're married. Why are you still picking up girls. You should be with your wife and not with those people," the other man points at the car he just closed. 
"I don't care and she doesn't care."
"So, she knows."
"Yeah, she has always known."
The other scoffs in disbelief, "why didn't she get a divorce already?"
"Because it doesn't matter. I am free to do whatever," he looks at his house, crossing his arms. 
"And she?"
"A free woman is just another toy to play with. Free women don't exist in this world."

The other sighs, shaking his head, and leans against his car, "what do I do with this one?"
"I don't care, I just play around with them. I don't care where they go after, that isn't my business."
"I'll bring her somewhere then where she can possible get back home-"
"Just do whatever, as long as I'm not involved, Wonwoo."
Jun walks back towards the front door and slowly opens it stopping in his tracks as he hears his name. 

"Jun," Wonwoo calls. 
He turns around, glaring at the other.
"Why are you even married to a woman you don't want or need? That's just a waste of time."
"That, isn't your business," he scoffs and enters the house, closing the door right behind him. 

Jun walks into the kitchen and shuffles towards the fridge. He grabs the handle, wanting to pull it open but, only frowns instead. "What am I even doing," he asks himself and lets go of the handle, making his way out of the room. 

Slowly he climbs the stairs and makes his way back to his bedroom, only to leave it not long after and throw out the bed sheets. He stands in front of the washing machine and tilts his head, sighing, "I guess I'll leave it up to her tomorrow." 

As always, I have to clean after you. 

He turns back around and makes his way back to his room, taking new sheets and putting them on his bed. It was already early in the morning and he still didn't get any sleep. Neither did I. 

I just kept listening to his footsteps going back and forth in his room until my eyes fell closed and my mind lost track of the thoughts that it tried to keep. And I drifted off in a deep sleep, not knowing that one moment, he stood in my bedroom.

Jun stares down at her, not moving. 

My wife. 

I can do whatever to her, right? Since, she's mine anyways. 

But, why doesn't she let me?

He turns back around and leaves the bedroom untouched. But his mind sure wasn't going to forget anything. His mind was already testing his patience. 

It wouldn't take too long.

~author note~

Jun is such an asshole here I love it lmao wait for my next story titled 'balance' cuz we need that type of Jun so badly. Y'all will probably like that story~

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