Chapter 1

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No One's POV

As the two were walking back policemen quickly saw them and brought them with the rest of the students. All around the entrance, there could be parents, students, and policemen seen. Most of the students were all with their parents hugging them with all their from the scaring scene they've just experienced. Some students were being interviewed by the policemen who were scattered all around.

Mina and Chaeyoung looked around to try to find their friends. Shortly after they found them and looked at each other.

Chaeyoung smiled warmly cupping the girl's cheek. "Check on your friends ok. I'll check on mine and we can meet up later." Chaeyoung whispered softly leaning her forehead on Mina's.

Mina slightly nodded and walked towards her friends who were worried sick about her. Chaeyoung did the same.

"Mina!" Jihyo screamed running towards the girl hugging the living hell out of her her. "Are you alright? Is everything ok? Did they cut y-"

"Yah, let the girl breathe!" Nayeon scolded cutting Jihyo off. "Are you ok Mina?" She asked as everyone gathered around her.

"Yeah, I'm fine. Are you guys ok?" Mina asked in concern.

Sana faking a shocked face said sarcastically, "Woah... Is this you actually caring for us?" Ending with a small chuckle.

Mina playfully rolled her eyes. "I'm glad you're okay then."

Seconds after everyone was talking and checking in with each other, ear killing cry's filled the place.

"Tzuyu-ya!!" A woman screamed running towards the group of 8 hugging Tzuyu tightly.

Tzuyu turned her head to the source of the voice and froze in shock.

"M-mom..?" Tzuyu breathed out.

"Oh my goodness! Do you know how scared and worried-" Tzuyu sighed as her mom continued.

'Ima take care of this, cya guys tomorrow.' Tzuyu mouthed before taking off with her mother.

Soon after the two left everyone parted to talk with their own parents leaving Mina with Sana.

"I think Ima go home for the day. See you tomorrow Mina." Sana said grabbing her bag.

But before leaving Sana smiles and pulled Mina closer to her pulling herself to her ear.

"Congrats With Chaeyoung but try not to do anything you might regret you know. Gotta take things slow." Sana smiled cheekily leaving her with a wink before pulling back and taking off leaving Mina there to huff hiding her red face.

Mina sighed before dropping everything then heading towards the door completely forgetting about a certain someone for a second.

As Mina reach the entrance of the school she stopped and looked around looking for a certain cub.

"Somi! Nayoung!" Chaeyoung said jogging over to the two, "Are you guys alright?"

Somi now noticing Chaeyoung, hugged her tightly. "I thought you were gonna leave us and let us die and possibly get ra-"

"Uhm, Yes we're fine Chaeng. How about you?" Nayoung said not letting Somi finish her sentence.

"That's good. Sorry if I took long though but at least you guys are safe." Chaeyoung said patting the girl hugging her.

"Son Chaeyoung!" A man called.

The three turned to the voice and saw their principal coming towards them.

"Sorry but we're going to be borrowing Chaeyoung for a bit." He said before gesturing Chaeyoung to come along.

Chaeyoung nodded and waved to her friends before leaving.

Soon after a policeman and Bambam came to the two and started asking the siblings what happened and such.

-Back To Mina-

Mina looked around trying to find her new love. Although they aren't a thing yet.

Mina finally found Chaeyoung with Bambam talking with their principal and a policeman. After a bit they finished and Chaeyoung quickly spotted Mina standing by the doors.

The two smiled warmly at each other. Bambam rolled his eyes and started to walk away but before he could leave.

"Chaeyoung! Bambam!"

To Be Continued...

-|Sorry for the first chapter being short...|- Author

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