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Ethans POV
I walked downstairs and saw that my mom wasn't up so I grabbed something small out of the cupboard. It's been 2
days since my dad died and it hasn't been the same around my house. My mom seems more distant from us and goes and cries in her bedroom sometimes. I didn't want to go to school but I know I can't miss anymore school or I will have to do summer school. I sat down and looked through my camera roll. I saw some dumb pictures that I had taken but then there were ones that were me and my dad at football or when we I was younger. I wanted to cry and let it all out but I knew if I did, people would tell at school. I stood up and I could hear soft cries from my mother down the hallway. I can't stand the crying much longer so I walked out the door and drove to school way earlier than I usually do so I don't can't hear my mothers crying.

I looked at my phone and saw that I had to get out. I gave myself a small pep talk and opened my door and stepped out. No going back now. I locked my doors and walked into school and headed to my locker. No one knows about what happened with my dad, or at least I don't think they do. I haven't gotten any type of ' Im sorry' so I don't think they know. It's probably good thing because I don't think I can handle people saying how sorry they are and hope I feel better about it. I walked into my class and sat down and listened to the lesson the teacher was teaching.

During the lesson the teacher was talking about something that brought back memories of my dad. I held back my tears for as long as I could but couldn't do it any longer. I soon was having streams of tears coming out of my eyes. I ran out of the classroom as the teacher was yelling at me and all the kids in the classroom watched. I ran into the bathroom and locked myself in the stall. I sat on the toilet and cried my eyes out in the bathroom. "Why did you leave dad?" All I could think about was everything that was still at our house and all the pictures that I have. I cried harder and harder until I heard a knock at the door. "Is someone crying in here?" It was the principal. I didn't care anymore and continued crying louder and louder. "Can I come in," He asked. I didn't hesitate and unlocked the stall door. He stepped in and closed it behind him. "I'm sorry how weird this is. Maybe we should go to my office?" I nodded as I stood up, grabbed my stuff, and walked down the hallway earning a few stares from the some of the students that were in the hallway. We walked in and he closed the door behind him. "Do you want to talk about why you were crying in the bathroom?" I didn't say anything as some tears still came down my face. "Maybe talk to the guidance counselor?" I still didn't say anything as he sighed and stood up. "I'm just going to get the guidance counselor." He walked out and I sat there as my tears started slowing down.

A younger lady that I've seen around the school before came in with a smile on her face. "I've never heard that you needed to talk to me before Ethan," she said sitting down in front of me. I didn't say anything as she continued talking. "Well would you like to tell me about what happened?" I shook my head no as she said, "Well no one will no except you an me." I still shook my head no as she just sat there. "You won't get help if you don't tell me anyth-" I cut her off by saying, "Well since you want to know so much I'll tell you. My dad just died a couple of days ago." She shook her head and said "Well I know how you must be feeling right now." I said, "No you don't. You say you can help people and that you know how they feel but you really don't." She just looked surprised as she sat there looking at me. "Well maybe if you talked about it more, I might be able to feel what you are feeling." I just kind of laughed as I stood up and said, "Whatever. I'm leaving here." I grabbed my stuff and walked out of the office and down the hall to the outside. I walked to my car and sat inside for a little thinking, why does my life have to be fucked up like this?

I pulled into the driveway and saw that my moms car wasn't there. She was probably out again, trying to run away from all the problems like I am, kind of. I unlocked the door and set my stuff down. I went upstairs to my bedroom and laid on my bed looking up at the ceiling. I sat up when I heard walking around downstairs. My heart started beating faster, thinking it was an intruder. I opened my door slowly and looked down the hallway and not seeing anything and making my way to the edge of the stairs and looked down to see nothing. I walked down the stairs and turned the corner and ran right into Grayson. "Geez Grayson, what are you still doing here?" He said in a low voice, "Going out. Be good." I nodded and understood what he meant. My mom went out and left him here alone, again. My mom had being going out a lot and leaving Grayson home alone by himself. "Did she give you anything to eat?" He shook his head no as I made my way to the kitchen and he followed me.

I made us both a sandwich as we sat and ate them together and the table. I heard a car pull up the driveway and Grayson stood up and went to the window. I raced after him and saw that my mom was home. She walked up to the porch and opened the door. Grayson came over and hugged her but I could tell that she wasn't really loving it. She pulled apart and looked surprised when she saw me. "Why are you home?" I said, "I couldn't stay at school. I was having a hard time focusing with everything that is happening." She just made a small nod as she looked back over to Grayson. "Did you get something to eat Gray?" He nodded and pointed to the food sitting on the table. She kind of smiled and walked away to her bedroom again. Something that she might never give up on.

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