Chapter 33: Dom

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Above is our Blake. Our handsome, heart stealing, closet romantic <3


"Wow, three really is a crowd, huh?"

Seeing Heather walk through the door shouldn't have thrown me off guard as much as it did. I knew she could be here. Her parents ran the place, after all.

Still, a small part of me held out hope that somehow, there was a huge misunderstanding and Heather wasn't the god-awful woman she'd been painted out to be over the last few days. Maybe the woman I'd married was still in there somewhere.

Her being here proved my wife was a meticulous, downright criminal stranger to me.

Her hair and her makeup were both done and her outfit was typical of something she would wear to work.

I guess she is at work though.

As she entered the room, her stare swayed from mine almost deliberately; almost like she knew I was here already. Instead, she looked down her nose right at Kat and her mouth pulled back into a grimace.

"How are you not dead yet?"

I saw the fire spark to life behind Kat's violent stare long before Heather must have because she didn't move back an inch as Kat bared her teeth and in a snap, crashed her head forward into Heathers.

Heather's sharp cry echoed through the room just as the man behind Kat- Blake- swooped his arms around a ferocious Kat's waist and lifted her off of the ground.

"Okay, Kitten. You've had your fun." He set her behind him and out of Heather's reach, but left his hands on her sides. There was a lot to focus on right now but I'd be damned if I didn't admit that him touching my girlfriend that I hadn't' seen in five weeks wasn't bugging the ever living shit out of me.

Also- Kitten?

Kat grabbed for her head and even though I knew she was in pain, the way she pinched her entire face together was too adorable.

"Shit, that was dumb."

Blake in front of her nodded. "Yup."

Heather stumbled in front of me, wailing and scrunching her fingers over her busted nose. Her watery eyes pinned to mine. "Are you really just going to let her do that?"

Laughter rose inside of my chest but I pushed it down. Now didn't seem like the time to go mad with laughter at how rightly insane my wife was while I was standing in her parents covert house of crime.

"Yeah, Heather. I am"

"She could have broken my nose!"

I shrugged. "Maybe now it will look how it did before the nose job."

Kat's snicker pulled my attention as I caught her prideful eyes. How much her sense of humor had rubbed off on me still surprised me when comments like my last would come out.

Heather's eyes narrowed on mine, like she was trying to figure me out when the reality of that notion was quite flipped. "Who are you lately? You would have never said something like that to me a year ago."

"Well a year ago I didn't know you'd been lying to me from the very moment I met you."

I had been holding down my anger pretty well up until that point. Up until Heather actually rolled her eyes at me. "Can you not be so dramatic, Dominic?"

I laughed despite myself and steeled myself in place, reminding myself that as much as I might want to, I couldn't hit my soon to be ex-wife.

"How did you keep track of all of those lies over the years? Were you ever even a Real Estate Agent?"

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