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"I'm perfectly fine to walk on my own, and I haven't had my surgery yet. So, why are you pushing me around?" I tried to stand but the firm hand on my shoulder set me back on the wheelchair.

"Hospital rules." the nurse behind me said patiently. The way she was handling me told me that I wasn't her first grumpy patient.

I growled, "I don't need it!"

Hank stepped in, his voice becoming closer, "Ethan, why don't you let the nice lady here do her job", and then he added, "Relax, Skye will be here."

He knew exactly which of my fuses were about to flare, "Did you try calling her?"

"Yes, she said she was on her way." Hank breathed.

I slumped back on the chair and let the nurse push me around.

My parents were here to sign the usual papers before they leave. After my first failed surgery I started doing this alone. Hank would come by later when I'm done to pick me up. My rules didn't change, I'm still doing this by myself, but I needed her here first. Not in a clingy way, but in the sorts of 'everything will be fine with her here' kind of a way.

We stayed up late last night while she read to me. It was three in the morning when we finished our book. Afterwards we talked a lot and laughed a lot. I heard her stifled yawns. That's when I asked her to go to sleep. She kept the line open and I fell asleep on the sound of her even, steady breathing.

I grinned.

"Now that you're smiling and stopped rumbling, wait here until I grab your file." the nurse's voice penetrated my thoughts.

I was savoring many memories of yesterday's that I didn't realize when nurse has stopped pushing the chair.

"Hey, sorry I'm late", Skye's sweet voice came a moment later sending delicious tingles through my body, "I couldn't find a parking space."

"Hey you..." I reached out eagerly. The moment our hands touched I started pulling her demanding my usual 'hello' kiss.

I felt her tense and not getting any closer, "Your parents are here!" she whispered sounding nervous.

I grinned, not whispering at all, "So? They do know that we kiss. A lot!" Her hand tightened around mine signaling me to stop, but I wouldn't. I want my kiss! Turning my head to the direction where I heard my parent spoke a moment ago, "Look away people, I'm trying to kiss my girlfriend."

Skye gasped then slapped my arm shyly making me laugh. I could hear my mom muffled voice saying something like, 'They look so cute.' I turned back to my girl and demanded, "Give me the goodie!" actually, I enchanted shamelessly, "Give me the goodie!" I warned her, "I won't stop!" and chanted, "Give me the goodie!"

When Skye finally laughed, I pulled her gently until she was sitting on my lap and her arm rounded my neck. Jolts of happiness rushed through my body when she leaned in. I had no idea how she could calm my nerves and set them on fire at the same time. A couple of 'Ah's and 'Awe's whispered around us and Skye smiled against my lips before breaking our kiss and my heart skipped a beat. I never felt this relaxed before any of the previous surgeries.

"Ethan?" she called my name in question.

"Hmm..." I was still light-headed.

"What are you wearing?" she asked.

I grinned innocently running a hand over the fabric, "My favorite shirt. For good luck!"

"Oh really?" I could hear the laugh in her voice. Then her finger rubbed a specific spot on my shirt, "It has a pink stain on it."

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