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"He made destruction look like a celebration. There was madness in his veins, the devil in his brain, and he was a fallen angel that fell in love with chaos." ~ Absitee Martin

"She promised she would save me, but first she'd have to break me." ~ Daylan Everly


Nothing could stop the thunderstorm known as Daylan Everly. Bad boy by day, broken by night, alone at home, and completely stranded, he was losing hope. Not only hope, but his sanity.

Enter Absitee Martin, sarcastic, blunt, and not an easy person to get along with. When a desperate choice throws her into the Mad Hatter's World, she's more intrigued than scared, even after she realized this was no Wonderland and she was no Alice.

Enter the Everly's world. The rich doesn't get rich by legalities. Rules were made to be broken. Secrets were created to be told. Hearts were broken to heal. The craziest people are always the best.

And Daylan fit everyone of those descriptions.

In this world, the devil was once an angel, toys were replaced by guns, tears were mixed with blood, family and enemies blurred, and chances of making this out alive or at least innocent were next to zero.


This story is completely FICTITIOUS and extremely action packed. It escalates quickly and it is definitely not an average bad boy cliche.

This story includes:

• One hella confusing and secretive bad boy
• One not so "good" girl who doesn't need the bad boy to change OR him to save her
• Heartbreak/The Feels/DEATH??
• Self harm
• Suicidal Thoughts/Actions
• That one bitch everyone wants to get ran over by a bus
• Innuendos, sarcasm, dark humor because our main characters don't have filters
• A whole fucking lot of swearing because I'm a sadistic bitch
• Psychopaths, killers, bosses, secret companies, rivalries

+More :)

I hope you enjoy. Make sure to comment whether it be reactions, sarcasm, innuendoes, I don't care I'll probably laugh all the same. Vote if you enjoyed. And thank you for reading! 💕

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