sawal jawab.

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(everyone is staying at sid and abhis house as it is raining cats and dogs outside. they decided to play a game to know each other better)

abhi: so kya khelain?

sallu: something jissay we dont get bored and come to know each other better

vishal: and aisa kya game hoga

jannat: um i have an idea

reem: kya?

jannu: we will have turns. and jiska bhi turn hoga all of us can ask him 1 question each. so you know we all will have to answer 13 questions each.

avu: han! amazing idea jannat.

abhi: yup! we all will come to know each other better.

tunu: han yeh sahi hai

rosh: then lets go alphabetically..... so first is avu.

avu: okay go!

abhi: so first me. did you take part in a dance show as a kid?

avu: YES! shit how do you know!!!

abhi: sources hain meri (smirk)

reem: okay im confused! main kya poochoun

avu: kuch bhi.... sab to pata hai tujhe waise

reem: haan! sach batana

avu: acha pooch!

reem: mera dark blue dress teray pas hai na!!!

(everyone laughs)

janu: kya question poocha hai

avu: batana to nahi tha but han! meray pas hai

bhavya: okay so! one word for my bestfriend!

sid: (idiot!!! ab kya bole gi yeh! yar this is embarrassing!) bhavya.

nidhi: what bhavya?! good question bhavya. now we want an answer.

avu: (kahan fansa diya?!!!! kya boloun!!!! shitt!! kuch offensive bhi nahi bol saktien na kuch aisa or theyll tease me. im stuck) um...... i dont know.... i guess.... focused? ya focused. he is really focused on his work.

sid: (hush! good save) thanks

sallu: kya bachi hai tu avu!

tunu: boht soch ke bola!

avu: next question.....

faisal: so avu.... will you mind if i get personal.

avu: no yar! yehi to game hai to know each other. ask away!

faisal: do you like sid or family pressure......

sid: (ahh! should i say something?! but main bhi kya bolounn....)

avu: ummm..... pressure nahi but i just trust my fathers decision maybe thats why.....

faisal: ohhh

jannat: okay stupid question.... but tune yeh dress kahan se li?! its very very pretty

sallu: even i want to know that!

avu: online! ill text you guys tha website han! amazing clothes.

vishal: girls be girls....

abhi: true.

nidhi: han to...... do you have sids number?! sorry but im too interested in this boring persons love life

avu: hahahha. yes i do.

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