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"Love Hurts" by Nazareth

Previously on Blessed...

A recollection of significant scenes from the last episode.


Blue and white lights form the shape of four people. Its Andy, Pip, Bev and Eddie.

"Aunt Piper!" Pip hollers for his aunt.

Piper Halliwell comes rushing into the Attic to see Pip, Bev, Eddie and Andy in the Attic. "Oh thank god you all are alright." She says, breathing a sigh of relief. "Pip, I.."

More blue and white lights fill the room, forming the shape of two women. It's Paige Matthews and Phoebe Halliwell.

"Called your mother..." Piper ceases her sentence.

"Pip! Oh my god, are you alright?"

"Mom!" Pip exclaims with a smile. The mother and son embrace. "I'm fine, just a little overwhelmed..that's all."

"Why?" Phoebe asks her son. "What's the matter, sweetie?"

"Well..." Pip says looking around at his audience. "Bev, Eddie and I...we met.." Pip says, slowly. He looks at Piper. "Now Aunt Piper...don't do anything crazy..."

"Why are you saying that to me?" Piper asks.

Paige purses her lips and gives her older sister a short glare; and Piper waves Paige off with a hand. "Who did you meet?" Paige asks looking back to her nephew.

Pip looks to Bev and Eddie. "Either of you want to take the stage?"

Eddie shakes his head. "This deals with your family. You have to be the one to tell them."

"He's right, Pip." Bev says, agreeing with Eddie.

Pip sighs. "I swear if Aunt Piper sends me flying with her exploding power..I will freak."

"I said I was sorry." Eddie says. "And we did hug it out."

"I would never..." Piper gets out but she is cut off.

"I know." He says to both Eddie and his aunt. "I just don't want to be thrown across another room."

"Hold on." Phoebe looks at Pip and Eddie. "What do you mean thro—"

Pip cuts his Mom off. "The Source's Heir is still alive. My younger stepbrother who's supposed to be alive!" He abruptly yells over his Mom as well as everyone else in the attic.

Phoebe shuts up and she, Piper and Paige look at Pip in shock. An eerie silence fills the room before Phoebe is the one to break it.

Opening Credits....


Phoebe begins to have a meltdown. She exhales a breath. "...What?!" Paige grabs onto Phoebe as the latter slides to the floor and begins to cry.

"Oh my god, Mom!" Pip rushes over and falls to his Mom's side. He embraces her and she cries onto his shoulder.

"Are you freaking kidding me?" Piper shouts. "He is supposed to be dead. He died with the Seer."

"You mean the little monster who kept beating me up is still alive? I should've trusted my instincts before."

"What?" Pip asks.

"I felt that vanquish was too easy. That there was going to be a repercussion...this is it." Paige says.

"We had no choice. The three of us were trapped, we had to do what we did." Piper says.

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