chapter twenty nine - the quidditch match

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"Prongs, wakey wakey!" A mocking voice whisper-shouted.

James rolled onto his back in his bed and blinked blearily. He was able to make out Sirius's form, blurry without his glasses and he groaned.

"Wassamatter Padfoot?" He grunted, rubbing his eyes and slipping his glasses onto his face.

"It's the twenty seventh, Prongs," Sirius said in the same whisper-shout voice. "The day of the Quidditch match."

James sat up so fast his head bumped Sirius's and the latter fell down with a loud thump.

"Well good morning to you, too," Sirius said sarcastically, sitting up and rubbing his head.

But James hadn't seemed to have heard him. He ran to the boys' bathrooom and claimed one of the empty shower stalls. After about ten minutes, he closed the tap, stepped out of the shower and wrapped his towel around his waist.
Back in his dormitory, he quickly dried himself before changing from his pyjamas into the first thing his eyes landed on in his trunk.

Sirius sat on his bed throughout James whole frantic morning routine, a small smirk on his face as he watched his best friend.

"Can we go now?" He asked, chuckling when he noticed James hadn't even bothered to dry his hair and was cursing as the water droplets slid down his jumper and landed on his neck.

Sirius politely awoke Remus and explained that he needed to get James to eat something so they'd be leaving now already.

The two boys raced down the staircase, out the portairt hole and through the corridors - at least, in James's case; Sirius walked along at a fine pace.

When they opened the doors to the Great Hall and made their way over to the Gryffindor table, it was to find Lily, Marlene and Laurelle already there. Out of the three of them, Marlene seemed the most stressed.

The three girls all looked up simultaneously when James and Sirius sat down, though Lily's eyes lingered on James longer than necessary.

"Good morning, ladies!" Sirius exclaimed cheerfully, throwing his arm over Lily's shoulder, who was nearest him.

"Why are you alwayd so cheerful so early in the morning?" Lily commented dryly, but she stayed underneath Sirius' s arm.

"I'm just a very happy person, y'know?" Sirius replied. He threw one of his chips at James, who only then looked up from the cereal he'd been shooting his worried glances to.

"Aren't I just a jolly person, Prongs?" Sirius asked him. When James failed to answer immediately, he threw another chip.

"Please stop doing that, Pads. If you're so jolly, you'll let me suffer in peace."

"Suffer?" Lily echoed, glancing at James curiously.

"He doesn't mean it literally, Jane. The poor kid's just stressed about the match."

"If you call me Jane again, I'll cut off your tongue."

"Why but it's such a wonderful name! Don't you think so Prongs?"

James didn't reply.

Sighing, Sirius turned to Lily and fixd her with a desperate gaze. "Get him to eat something. He's always like this before a match."

"Me?" Lily's eyes widened, but Sirius nudged her and pointed to James  who was still staring into his cereal bowl and she sighed.

"Potter?" She said quietly. James didn't answer. "Potter?" She leaned slightly over the table to talk to him clearly. "I'm really nervous for the match, too, y'know, so I understand why you aren't answering us."

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