About me! :D

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Hey! So someone asked if I would talk about myself a little bit, so here we are 🙃

Let me know about yourself too!! I'm really interested! ♥️ let's be friends! (...please...)

• My name is Alli and I'm 18

• I was born in May of 2000

• I'm a Taurus so I guess I'm pretty chill but also like lowkey a bitch if you're mean to me 💁🏻‍♀️

• I live in the Midwest of the USA so like.......corn am I right?

• I'm single; always have been prob always will (is anybody surprised though lmfao)

• My favorite color is dark red ♥️

• I'm in my second semester of college right now and I'm majoring in Elementary Education with a minor in English as a Second Language

• I fricken love kids so much they are so precious

• but like I don't think I ever want any?

• idk my life is a mess 😂 I don't really have a solid plan atm

• I have a dog and he is fricken precious; message me for pics and I will hook you tf uppp

•I have a mom and dad and I guess they are pretty chill but I was never a bad kid or anything so they just have a lot of trust in me

• I also have an older brother who is married with 2 kids

• I got into kpop in early 2015; it all started with EXO's call me baby and then I was trapped from then on

Main groups I stan and biases (notice that I can never seem to have one solid bias rip)

This is in order from when I started liking them:

•EXO my bias is Chanyeol or Chen

•BTS my bias is Jungkook or V

• Seventeen my bias is Wonwoo or DK

•NCT my bias is Haechan or Jeno or Jaehyun I literally love them all isnxjdnc

•ATEEZ my bias is San or Yunho

•there are a lot more but it would make this way too fricken long

• I like/listen to girl groups too I just don't stan them as hard; like I don't have biases or anything

•that's all I can really think of to talk about right now

• I'm too scared to put a pic of myself cause I don't want to break your screens yet 😂💀

•like I said I'm pretty chill so feel free to message me whenever!

• love you cuties 😉♥️

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