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"Mwah!" Fred loudly kissed Aurora on her cheek as he slid next to her on the bench in the Great Hall, "I am so proud of you!"

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"Mwah!" Fred loudly kissed Aurora on her cheek as he slid next to her on the bench in the Great Hall, "I am so proud of you!"

Aurora laughed, "I know, you've been telling me that since this morning."

"And I'm going to carry on telling you that until we're both dead," Fred explained, "I am so proud of you."

"You two make me want to be sick," Lee Jordan commented from the opposite side of the table as he pushed away his full plate and pretended to retch.

"Pfft, you're just jealous, Lee," Fred accused, pointing his finger at his friend.

"You wish," the dreadlocked boy said as he continued making retching sounds before he looked back at his plate and quickly slid it closer to himself.

"Can't even prove a point, can you?" George muttered sarcastically.

"I can't believe both of you argued with Umbridge in the same day, about the same exact thing," Hermione muttered shaking her head disapprovingly.

Aurora couldn't help but smirk and wink at Harry. He too had landed himself in detention with the Pink Toad Queen. When he heard that his God-sister argued with the woman too, he instantly felt less guilty and definitely a lot better about the fact that he won't have to face her alone.

"What can I say, runs in the family," Aurora told Hermione as he smirked and turned to look at Harry again, "Four o'clock tomorrow?"

He nodded, confirming the time of his detention.

Aurora smiled, "I'll meet you in the common room and we'll go together, yeah?"

Harry nodded and send her a grateful smile.

"You coming to help us with the trials?" Fred asked looking at his girlfriend who nodded her head eagerly.

"Of course I am, someone responsible needs to be there," she told him.

"I'll be there," Lee interjected.

"Exactly," She muttered sticking her tongue out at him, to which he replied with a gasp and threw a bread roll at her.

"Trials?" Hermione asked, looking between the four seventh years with a stern facial expression.

"Oh, would you look at the time," Fred said looking down at his empty wrist and then back up at Hermione, "We all need to go, it's our bedtime. Bye," he spluttered out jumping off the bench and grabbing Aurora's hand, dragging the girl out of the Great Hall. George and Lee stayed behind until they noticed the pointed look Hermione was sending them.

George fake yawned, stretching his arms out in the air, "Time for nighty night. Bye," he yelled and ran out of the Great Hall, catching up to his twin and best friend.


Aurora sat at a small table in the common room, in front of her she had three pieces of parchment spread out as she wrote her usual letters to her dad, Remus and Charlie Weasley, softly humming to herself and occasionally looking up too watch the sweet trials the twins and Lee were doing.

After finishing the letters she leaned back in her chair and watched as one by one the children slumped over in their seats; some slid right onto the floor where as others merely hung over the arms of their chairs, their mouths open.

"That's enough!" Hermione said forcefully to Fred and George as she marched over.

"Yeah, you're right," George nodded, "This dosage looks strong enough, doesn't it?"

"I told you earlier, you can't test your rubbish on students," Hermione yelled, her face got redder by the minute.

"We're paying them!" Fred fought back.

"I don't care, it could be dangerous!"

"Rubbish," Fred muttered, rolling his eyes and looking over at Aurora with a tired expression.

"Calm down, Hermione," Lee said, "They're fine," he added as he walked from one sleeping student to the next, placing a purple coloured sweet into their mouths.

"Yeah, look, they're coming round now," George told her, nodding towards the students that were in fact, waking up from their deep slumbers.

"Feel all right?" Aurora asked a small blonde haired girl who was lying at her feet.

"I-I think so," She nodded as she stood up with the help of the black haired witch, then dusted her uniform off.

"Excellent," Fred said, clapping his hands together.

"It is not excellent!" Hermione roared.

"Course it is, they're alive, aren't they," George mentioned.

"You can't do this, what if you made one of them really ill?" Hermione asked her eyes glaring at the twins before she turned her head to look at Aurora, "How come you haven't stopped them?"

Aurora threw her arms up in the air, "What makes you think that this wasn't my idea?"

"It was YOUR idea!?" Hermione asked, her face shell-shocked.

"Of course it wasn't," Aurora snorted causing Fred to laugh and high-five the black haired witch. This, of course, only made Hermione angrier.

"Also, we're not going to make them ill, we've already tested them on ourselves," George explained, "This is just to see if everyone reacts the same-"

"If you don't stop I'm going to-"

"Put us in detention?" Fred asked, crossing his arms over his chest as he stood behind Aurora's chair.

"Make us write lines?" George smirked.

"No," Hermione said, her voice quieter but still as angry, "I'll write to your mother."

"You wouldn't," George gasped, taking a step back from her.

"Oh, yes, I would," Hermione declared. She huffed one more time and with a satisfied smirk she turned around and walked away from the seventh years and back over to Harry and Ron, who were watching the scene unfolding.

"You don't think she'll do that?...Right?" Fred asked, peering down at his girlfriend, who craned her neck to look up at him.

"I think she actually might, Freddie."

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