Chapter 2

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The next day you get changed into the uniform then you go downstairs and eat breakfast with everyone

Then mitsukuni and you go off to the high school

when you get their everyone stares at you which is expected you are a different skin colour

Suddenly a tall guy with black hair walks over

"You must be y/n." He says and you nod

"Ni nzuri kukutana nawe." You say accidentally in your language which makes the guy look at you confused but mitsukuni translates

"She said it's nice to meet you she's still getting used to everything." He says and you felt super embarrassed

"Sorry." You say and he nods

"It's fine." He says

Mitsukuni shows you to your class and the teacher greets you in African which shocked you

"Oh don't worry I can speak Japanese and English I'm just used to speaking my native language." You say and she nods

"Well come on in class was about to start but come introduce yourself." The teacher says and you nod and walk in


"Everyone this is y/n l/n she comes from Africa so be nice." The teacher says and everyone nods

"Hello I'm y/n l/n I'm here because my family sent me to stay with my aunt and uncle and two cousins." You say and the teacher says to sit beside Kaoru Hitachiin

A guy with orangish hair raises his hand and you sit beside him

"Hi I'm Kaoru it's nice to meet you y/n." He says and you nod

"Yes it's nice to meet you Kaoru." You say smiling at him

You notice people staring at you which you think is rude yes your black but they don't need to stare at you

You sigh as you look at the ground

*Im alone here aren't I?*

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