treinta | prisión

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Translation for Spanish words
used in this chapter —

Prisión — prison
Hermana — sister


Jungkook did not sleep that night.

The boy did not even touch his bed, his room, his entire estate. Left it to dwell on its villainy as he instead went somewhere else, a place familiar enough to barge right in at two in the morning.

Well, he couldn't just barge in, when Spanish elites knew to lock their doors in case a half delirious Seville playboy manages to end up at their doorstep.

So Jeon Jungkook knocked on the grand oak doors of the Kim household, and waited with impatience as someone opened up the home he stood in front of.

They obliged him, the boy settling his eyes upon a pretty girl, just touched adulthood, eyes heavy lidded and black nightgown covered underneath a heavier over coat.

Those eyes widened when seeing her crush.

"Jungkook?" She whispered.

"Ah, Seona," he greeted her, bowing just a tad in respect.

That gesture alone had her cheeks warming at an alarming rate. "J-Jungkook, why the formality?" She asked, half flustered, half confused over his presence.

And that bow. Never had he bothered to show such respect. What was this little change?

"I'm sorry if I woke you up, but is Jin here?" The boy shifted, and not from the cold. "I need to speak with him."

"Right now?" She gripped the edge of the door, hardly able to look him in the eyes. "He's asleep, and will likely be so for the next three days."

"Three days?" He parroted. "What the fuck has he done?"

Ay, Dios, don't blush even more—! "I, uh, he went out with friends, and drank more than necessary," she explained, smiling shyly.

"I see." Jungkook's eyes darted upwards, as if spying his friend half-dead inside his chambers. "May I come in anyway?"

"Well, um," Seona stuttered, unsure still whether to bring a grown man into a dormant house. "But everyone is asleep—"

"Don't worry about the others, hermana," Jungkook assured her, foot already up another step, "I just need Jin. I promise I won't be long."

Poor girl nearly had tears in her eyes the second he voiced that endearment. With that shock she stepped aside so the boy could enter, dusting his coats as he went inside.

The manor was dark, obviously due to the time he arrived. All finery was shadowed by the lack of light, but he didn't come to admire his friend's home.

Turning a corner, he quietly went upstairs, rounding to where Jin's bedroom lay, door slightly ajar for Jungkook to enter through.

Although the man was a mess himself, Kim Seokjin was an orderly aristocrat, and kept his room as such, with clean dark coloured walls, lushly carpeted floor, and shelves all neatly stacked with books he'd never touched in his life.

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