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Song I ended up listening to: Boo'd Up by Ella Mai.

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If you can't do anything about it, let it go.

Don't be a prisoner to the things you can't change.

* * *

He's dozing off...

Sage took a glimpse over to Xander for the fifth time, watching him as his eyes sleepily drooped, before his thick lashes fully came down, closing pools of crystal from the world. Slumping in his chair, he leaned his head against the back of the comfortable red chair in which he was seated. Sage's lip pulled upwards in a small smile and he suddenly had the strangest urge to lean in and press a chaste kiss to Xander's cheek.

Or take the opportunity to touch his hair. A strand of his hair fell forward from the loopy onyx lot and rested on his forehead, which made Sage's hand itch to brush it away.

Though thankful for the minute break from his anxiety, it came rushing back to him as soon as his eyes found the broad screen again to the building action of the plot. Then, the protagonist, Abigail had to meet her student, Vance, at the school in the night to change his grade on the computer system or else he would kill her husband.

Sage was never a big fan of movies with gore and violence, but the suspense then was eating at him. Would Abigail die? What about her husband? And what would Vance try to do if she didn't change the grade?

It puzzled Sage how Xander could fall asleep in the middle of such a climatic movie. Maybe they should've seen 'The Nun' instead?

Sage's hands were trembling as he lifted the last chicken tender to his lips, barely able to chew once it was in his mouth.

It's just a movie, Sage! Stop being a baby!

The blond almost jumped out of his own skin when he looked over at Xander, to see his eyes open, focused on him.

"H-hi..." Sage awkwardly said, with an even more awkward wave.

"You're trembling," Xander noted, with a brief nod. Sage gulped down his urges when Xander's hand elevated to his own hair, flowing through it and ruffling it in the process. His square earrings twinkled in the fluorescence of the light radiating from the screen, the blue in his eyes then appearing to be occupying a light shade of cobalt.

Sage quickly looked away, hence preventing an inevitable occurrence of drowning in Xander's eyes. He couldn't handle it.

"I-I am?" he stupidly replied.

Xander closed his eyes for a split second, lazily nodding again. Blindly, his hand reached down, into Sage's lap.



It didn't take long for Xander's hand to find Sage's in the dark.

"X-Xan—" his voice box shut down once he felt Xander grip his wrist, lifting his hand from his lap to look at him. Sage almost yelped at how cold Xander's hand were, and the wetness accompanied with the hold. Sweaty hands?

Surely enough, Sage's fingers were shaky, completely betraying him. Whenever he was nervous, they always vibrated, hence why he usually settled for holding onto something to conceal it. But, it was dark. How could Xander's have seen that they were shaking?

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