Chapter 23: Fury Foxy

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march 3, 2019

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Jinwoo's finally back in her room which she now shares with the real Hyunjin. Two days have passed since her recovery and she's been witnessing the three boys' exhaustion every single day. They're trying to work on locating the new whereabouts of the hunters who captured the four but even for Woojin's incredible researching skills, this one's hard to find out.

The poor girl feels weird and useless. She has already recovered but why can't she do anything? She is not even allowed to leave the house since the world might take her away the moment she steps a foot outside. She's being treated like a princess and she doesn't like it.

She cut her hair leveled with the middle of her neck 2 days ago when she realized that her hair's already too long for her liking. When she got out of the lab, that was the first thing that she did before taking a bath.

Hyunjin knocked on their door but then smiled in embarrassment, scrunching his handsome face as he remembers that he already shares the room with his girlfriend. For some reason, he's still not used to it.

He enters the room with a smile but it immediately fell when he sees Jinwoo with a frown on her face. He furrowed his eyebrows in worry and closed the door slowly behind him. "What's wrong?"

Jinwoo rolled her eyes and laid in the bed, covering her body with the covers– facing the other side. "Keep rolling your eyes. I miss that..."

The latter rolled her eyes again despite not being seen by her boyfriend. She's just really annoyed.

"Wow this is new. My Jinwoo's being a child," Hyunjin cooed and it took everything for the aforementioned to contain her smile.

Hyunjin slowly lays beside Jinwoo, placing an arm over her covered body and just stared at the back of his girlfriend's head. He smiled and kissed the area even though it's merely brown hair.

That made him receive a harsh elbow from Jinwoo into his stomach. If he wasn't stronger, it would hurt like a bitch but since he's definitely changed, it did hurt but it wasn't enough for him to cough out his intestines.

"What!" He said through his groan as he clutches onto his pained stomach. "Am I not allowed to kiss my girlfriend whom I was separated from for almost a year?!"

Jinwoo is smiling although poor Hyunjin can't see it. "Yes," she said in the coldest way possible but she failed and just ended up sounding cute to her boyfriend.

Hyunjin chuckled and turned Jinwoo so that she's lying on her back with her boyfriend's hands on either side of her which is his favorite position. Her eyes widened as she stares at the blonde one who's smirking smugly which looked hot but annoying to her.

The blonde one smiled big that his eyes were no longer seen and Jinwoo immediately thought that he looked cute. He leaned in so that their faces are inches apart.

Jinwoo's heart is beating just as rapidly as the first time this kind of situation happened and she can't move even though she wants to. She wants to play hard to get but at the same time, she just wants Hyunjin to cut it out and kiss her.

"I love you..." He whispered and pecked Jinwoo's nose and that was enough for her to give in. Her smile appeared on her face and Hyunjin wanted to see more of it so he continued to peck every inch of her pace, making her break into a fit of giggles.

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