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It was Friday night. It was raining a lot, and it was very cold. Lexi was in her room watching television. While I could not stop thinking about his return to the United States. He was dying to see his best friend Becca. Once in a while they called each other, but it was not the same. He missed his nonsense and his jokes as Becca did his. Lexi during his stay in Spain could not forget Michael either. With him he did not talk enough. He wondered very often how he would be ... Few hours were needed for Lexi's flight to leave. The day had dawned quite rainy. Lately, time was like that there. Although Lexi missed America, she could not help but feel bad about leaving her country again. He had had a great time there, had regained much time lost with his family, one of the things that would miss most when he left, would be his cousin Adrián. They were great from childhood and until today, I had always been joking and chewing each other. Lexi's flight was about to leave, she was ready at the airport, ready to go back ... Lexi had arrived at her destination. I was back in the United States, and it was incredible sun. The time was totally different. As soon as she arrived at her former home, where she used to live with her friend, she was greeted with a strong hug that almost left her breathless. Both one and the other could not believe that they were back together. They had missed each other so much and had so many things to tell each other that they did not want to separate. Since Lexi arrived, she and Becca did a lot of things together. They went to the movies, and he liked to have a picnic on the weekends at McDonald's. They were day and night playing jokes, talking and playing dumb, as they had always liked to do ... One afternoon Lexi and Becca were taking a walk talking about their things when they suddenly ran into someone. It was Michael, who was totally shocked by what he saw. Lexi had returned from Spain. Both Lexi's heart and Michael's heart beat a thousand times an hour. It was a somewhat intense moment. They had not known anything about each other for a long time. Michael, deceived by emotion, immediately gave Lexi a big hug. He had missed her too much. Lexi responded in the same way. Michael asked how he had been in Spain, they had many things to tell. Lexi was a little flushed. Becca had noticed how Lexi was doing when she was facing Michael, and the other way around, so she could not help but laugh looking away. Michael asked Lexi if he wanted to have dinner with him next Saturday. The truth had surprised her and she wanted to talk to her. Lexi accepted, since she also had nothing to do this weekend. It was Friday night and Lexi was at home watching a movie with Becca. While eating popcorn, Becca asked Lexi if she was nervous about her date with Michael. Lexi told him that it was not exactly like a date. Becca laughed at that. Without Lexi waiting for him, he asked if he still felt anything for Michael. Lexi felt a bit uncomfortable with the question, but she did not deny that she still loved him. That was obvious. Becca said that Lexi liked Michael, so Lexi gave him a funny popcorn to his face. With laughter they continued with the movie. They were almost about to go to bed when Lexi received a call from Michael. I was so eager to talk to her that I could hardly wait until Saturday. But he had only called to find out how his day had gone. Lexi smiled listening to Michael and seeing that he was still as attentive as ever. He told him there was nothing new, he had just seen a movie with Becca and was about to go to sleep. Michael told him then to have a good night and rest because the next day he would have to be ready to tell everything about Spain. Lexi laughed for it and I wish her good night by saying goodbye; Michael did the same. After hanging Lexi went to tell Becca who had called. She reacted in a funny way because it was funny to live this situation again; Lexi gossiping with her what Michael was saying after calling. Lexi and Becca finally went to sleep. Lexi was in her thoughts for a while without taking her dinner with Michael out of her mind, until at last she fell asleep ...

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