Louder than Words (WINNER)

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Tonight, Audrey's bad luck was over. She went to a bar like usual, and she left with a marvelous prize: Hedrick, who currently interlocked arms with her. She had immediately noticed him in the bar because of his lightly tanned skin and studious stare. She desired him, for he was a masterful statue in every way.

Now he was hers as she wanted. He must have liked the subtle makeup on her face, or perhaps it was the tiny, red dress she was wearing. It didn't matter, though, since they walked together to an alleyway, where Audrey planned a dance of flesh and sweat.

Hedrick hadn't spoken since the moon's beams touched their skin. Even in the bar, Hedrick only gave his name. Audrey once tried to coerce his voice, but she had long since abandoned the idea. There was a certain charm to his lack of speech. Actions spoke louder than words, and in his case, they were his vocal cords.

As Audrey faded into her thoughts, thinking to prevent almost complete silence, Hedrick lifted her chin to meet his spearmint eyes. She understood his stare well. He didn't want her to think deeply. He wanted her to focus on the present, and so she gave a nod of acceptance. Her thoughts were immaterial, anyway. He smiled faintly, kissing her forehead—a gesture she greatly appreciated.

The short time with him was surreal. It made her head fuzzy, and she found it hard to think. Still, she knew her goals. The utmost satisfaction would come from sexual intercourse, she thought. What would happen afterward was nil in comparison. His frame was perfect, from his broad shoulders to his muscular legs. The black dress shirt he was wearing showed off his strong neck and defined collarbone.

Audrey mindlessly gawked at Hedrick, but then he suddenly frowned, giving her that stare again. He stopped in his tracks, pulling her into his embrace. His shoes scraped against the stone walkway while he pinned her to a nearby building. She didn't resist, captivated fully by his eyes. He pointed to his body and shook his head. He wanted her to focus on the present but not yet lust for him. Entranced, she nodded in acceptance a second time, and he backed away, taking her arm in his and continuing their walk.

The alleyway was coming up. Audrey saw it in the distance, pointing a scarlet nail in its direction. Hedrick grinned, and he quickened his pace. With his free hand, he loosened his necktie. Audrey held his arm tighter.

When they entered the alleyway, Hedrick brought Audrey against the wall as she straddled him. In her excitement, she kissed his neck, which turned to sucking, and then her extended canines grazed his flesh. Hedrick quickly brought his palm over her mouth and removed her from him, backing away with tears dripping down his cheeks.

Audrey reached out to Hedrick, and he stole her hand, placing it on his chest. His heart didn't beat.

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