Much confusion

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After all that mishap in the base...

Everyone is confused as to what's going on now.

Most frequently asked questions from the others:

Why is Toxic yandere for Sean?

Why hasn't Sean killed Toxic yet?

Does Star really like Ryuu?

Who else is getting shipped?

And the most important of all...

When is Shiny going to stop with the cliffhangers?

It's a casual morning or afternoon at the base. Ryuu is jumping up and down for some reason. 

"What's making you this hyper?" I ask.

"My nephew, of course! I love him so much!!!" she coos as she shows me a picture of him sitting next to a Bulbasaur. 

"Aww," everyone says. When did they appear?

"Why was I killed by Ryuu, Aria?!" Rocket whines at me, covered in bandages. I shrug.

"I just felt like it," I reply with a small smile. 

"Why were we shipped together!" Rikusp and Vj complain, as does Ashura and Addy, even Star and Shiny.

"Boys! It's just a Bro-ship! No love at all!" I reply.


"Sean senpai! I love you! JUST LOVE ME ALREADY! YOU HAVE ADMITTED! I HAVE PROOF!" Toxic screams out. 

Sean just looks at Toxic with disgust. 

"I don't want you. I have Dawn," he replies. Toxic picks up a knife. 

"Why not have us both~" he coos threateningly. 

"...I hate you all, go die," Sean leaves the base. 

"COME BACKKKKK!" Toxic chases after Sean. 

I sigh and look at everyone. 

"If I wanted to, I could have just made this book about stupid, random things as much as possible, but I'm trying to fit in your personalities now so none of you complain," I glare at them. 

Only Star, Rikusp, Vj, Ashura and Addy look at me confused. Lily and Ryuu laugh at their faces, whilst Shiny has a knowing look on his face. 

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