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bring on July💍 #ringszn👤: oliviergiroud❤️: 526,771💬: 58,173

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bring on July💍 #ringszn
👤: oliviergiroud
❤️: 526,771
💬: 58,173

sergioramos: yuck🥴🥴
> sarahramos: can you not comment things like that?
> lauraramos: sarahramos it's okay🤣 I'm used to him being jealous
> sergioramos: I'm not jealous😤
> lauraramos: tu estás, hermano, pero te amo💙
> sergioramos: te amo más❤️

sarahramos: ugh, congrats! my ship! you guys are perfect together!!
> lauraramos: hermanaaaaa💙😩 I love you Sarah!
> sarahramos: love you better Ramos🤪
> johnstonesofficial: sarahramos can you believe soon she'll be 'the better Giroud'
> sarahramos: johnstonesofficial lmao I'm actually dead now😂😂

marcelotwelve: wow, little Ramos isn't so little anymore🥺
> lauraramos: ugh, don't remind me🤦🏻‍♀️ love you buddy!

hazardeden_10: it's literally about freaking time. you guys have known each other since 2012, it's now January of 2018, and this is just now happening?
> lauraramos: can you shut up😂 it's okay
> hazardeden_10: bro, Oli made you wait! run. away. asap.
>lauraramos: I hate you so much

oliviergiroud: I love you so much💙 you're my entire world
> lauraramos: oh...🙈☺️ I love you, too!

cristiano: the hashtag... I'm dead😂
> lauraramos: it's great, no?

tonirudiger: why're you so awkward, Coach?
> lauraramos: this nickname is finished, we're not using it anymore
> tonirudiger: fine, answer the question, Captain
> lauraramos: idk🤪 I was born awkward

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if you would like to play a part (most of this will include the Chelsea boys and Real Madrid boys {current and former}, as well as a couple FC Barcelona players🤷🏻‍♀️)

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