Chapter 19: The Training continues!

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Y/n then rise up from the bed as he get out of the bed gently not causing Irina to wake up. You then went to the shower as you began to bathe.

Splashes of water was produced and Irina started to wake up. When she woke up, she saw Y/n's muscular body as she blushed.

Irina - ~Y/n is always looking so hot. I'm not going to be tired seeing Y/n's hot body everyday.~ She said sweetly.

Y/n - You know I can hear you Irina and don't worry your always welcome to see or touch my body.

Irina - Really?

Y/n - Of course.

Irina - Yay! She said happily.

You then wear your battle suit that Goku gave you before you arrived at Universe DxD. Irina then went inside of the bathroom and she take a bath.

After 15 minutes of waiting, Irina came out of the bathroom as you look away from her, blushing in the process. Irina then noticed you that you are looking away from her. She then said,

Irina - Huh? Y/n? Why are you looking away from me?

Y/n (blushing) - Wear your clothes first so that I can look at you.

Irina then noticed that the reason why you are looking away from her is that she is exposing her naked body to you.

Irina - I see. *as she wears her school uniform* Okay Y/n, you can now look this way.

You then looked at her and you sighed in relief.

Y/n - Now that's done, let's go wake up the others.

You and Irina then knocked the on Issei's door. After knocking three times, there was no response.

Y/n - I think I know why there is no response.

Irina - Why?

Y/n - Let's take a look.

You then opened the door and saw Issei and Koneko sleeping besides with each other and they are hugging as well.

Y/n - See?

Irina then squealed in delight and she said,

Irina - ~Yiieee!~ That's so sweet and cute!

Y/n - Yeah, no doubt. *you clap your hands loud enough to wake up the future couple* Issei and Koneko, it's time to wake up.

The two of them then woke up as they rubbed their eyes.

Koneko - *yawned cutely* Good morning, Y/n.

Issei - *yawn* Good morning guys. Oh and by the way, Koneko-chan, your yawn was so freaking cute!

Koneko (blushing) - Eh?! Did I do that?

Y/n - Yes you are.

Koneko (blushing) - W-W-Well then, t-t-t-thank you, Issei-senpai.

Issei - Your welcome. He said while he get out of the bed and stretches his arms and legs a bit.

After 30 minutes, Issei and Koneko have finished taking a bath and they are now good to go.

Issei - We're ready, Y/n.

Y/n - Good, go downstairs and wait for me okay?

All 3 - Okay!

And so, Issei, Irina and Koneko went downstairs as they proceed to the dining table.

Y/n - Let's see if these two are awake.

You then knocked the door 3 times. After you knocked the door, there was no response.

Y/n - Huh. There was no response. I wonder what these two are doing. *as you open the door* The door is unlocked.

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