Harry and Louis were watching the ending of the film.Harry rested his head on Louis shoulder."I will never get old of this movie"."Yeup" Louis said nervously, looking at Harry's phone inside of his pocket.Harry holded Louis hand.Louis looked shockly at harry."Sweetums, are you ok?You look scared"Harry asked.Louis tried to talk "U-u-y- yeah , um Im ok".Harry stared into Louis eyes."Are you sure?"."Yeahh... im alright"said Louis hypnotised by Harry's eyes.Harry was also hypnotised by louis blue ones.Harry leaned close to Louis.Louis felt chills down his spine.Louis leaned close to Harry.Their lips touched, making themself's relax.Harry put his hand on Louis cheek.Their eyes closed, enjoying the moment.Harry's tongue slithered through Louis's.Louis eyes opened and backed away from Harry.Louis got up from the sofa, and ran to his room."Louis- im-im-sorry-I-I".Harry ran behind Louis.Harry grabbed louis arm."Harry, um -I dont wanna-"."Louis Im so sorry - um I"."I wanna be alone".Louis interrupted and locked the door."Im sorry boo."Harry whispered outside in louis door.Louis sat down in his bed, his face covered with his hands as tears started to run down his face.Louis said quietly to himself "Oh my god, I just kissed........Harry Edward Styles ."

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