Olivia on Land.

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The boat must of sailed for days, Olivia being the three year old complainer she can be about not going on land, and how she misses home, She hasn't been sleeping.

"Olivia, sleep!" Melody struggled as she tried tucking her daughter into bed.
"No!" She replied kicking the blankets off her.
Melody groaned "Now, Olivia!!" Melody got grumpy.
"no!" Olivia yelled.
Melody stood up "That's it...Fine! Do what you like!" She walked out.
Lucy and Edmund were talking
"There's Melody" Lucy said and Edmund looked behind him.
"You look mad." Edmund said as Melody got closer.
"You mad bro?" Lucy said and they laugh.
Melody giggled "She won't go to sleep, she just keeps refusing!"
Edmund sighed "I'll try..." He walked away.
Melody sat in his seat, "Good luck.." Melody yawned.
Edmund walked into the room "Hey Kiddo..."
"Daddy!" Olivia said "Want to play toys with me?"
Edmund shook his head. "No, because you need to go to sleep!"
Olivia frowned "No."
Edmund's eyes widen "Yes."
"Olivia...Your mother and I are both tired, we need sleep as much as you do!" Edmund said as he picked her up and put her into bed.
"I not tired!" Olivia said sitting on her bed.
"Trust me, you are!" Edmund said making her lay down.
Olivia shook her head. "How do you know?!"
"I'm the third youngest of four children and I remember when your Aunt Lucy was younger, she said she wasn't tired and about five minutes later, she was asleep." Edmund smiled "Please, I promise there will be another adventure tomorrow!"
"Promise?" Olivia smiled.
Edmund nodded "Promise, now sleep okay? Or no adventure..." Edmund kissed her forehead.
"Fine..." Olivia yawned and started to close her eyes.
Edmund stayed with her until she finally went to sleep, Melody came in yawning, she didn't see Edmund still in there, She went straight to her bed and fell straight to sleep, Edmund laughed, he walked over to Melody's bed and put the blankets over her, kissing her head, he started to leave, Melody grabbed his arm and looked at him "Stay with me?"
"Oh, so you did know I was in here." He said with a smirk.
Melody laughed "Sort off...I just thought you walked in." Melody said falling asleep again.
Edmund smiled hoping under the blankets, he cuddled her. "Goodnight Melody." He kissed her shoulder and snuggled his head into her back and started to go to sleep himself.

The Night turned into Dawn, the sun rise was as beautiful as any other day, Melody jolted up faster then anything to see why Olivia never woke her up, She wasn't in her bed, Edmund was already awake, he looked at her. 
"It's okay! Lucy and Gael took her." Edmund smiled. 
Melody sighed "Just checking! Because we are in the middle of the ocean." She looked down at Edmund. 
Edmund sat up straight, pulling Melody close to him "I know we are..." He started to kiss her shoulder. 
Melody giggled "Edmund" she turned her head to kiss him, Edmund pulled her closer, still kissing her.
"Did...You plan for this?" Melody smirked "Lucy coming to take Olivia so we could be alone?" She kissed him again. 
"Maybe" He giggled. 
Melody shook her head laughing and got on top of him, pulling him close to her and kissing him deeply, Lifting her arms up Edmund took off her top, Edmund taking off his own top, looked at Melody who touched his bare skin like it was the first time. The two kissed once more.

Olivia and Gael started running around the boat running away from Lucy as they were playing tag, Olivia laughed as Gael caught up.
Caspian saw Olivia and picked her up "What are you girls playing?" 
Olivia giggled "Tag! And Auntie Lucy is it!" 
"Well, she can't get you while your up here!" Caspian puts her on his shoulders. 
Lucy stopped "Not fair!" 
Caspian and Olivia just laughed.
"Where's Melody and Edmund?" Caspian asked Lucy 
"I don't even want to know, Caspian." Lucy responded as Gael stopped and stood next to Caspian smiling. 
Lucy tagged her "Ha!" They ran. 
"Put me down!" Olivia said, Caspian puts her down and she runs after Gael and Lucy. 
Caspian shook his head laughing. 
Eustace stopped Lucy. "Hey Cousin Lucy..." 
Lucy stopped catching her breath "Yes?" 
"How long has Edmund been a father for?" Eustace asked. 
Lucy took a deep breath and sat down "He didn't know she was alive till we got back here" Lucy glanced at Eustace "Why do you ask?" 
Eustace shrugged "Just asking" 
Lucy narrowed her eyebrows "Just asking?" 
Eustace nodded. 
Olivia stopped in front of Lucy "Aunt Lu! You tired?" 
Eustace laughed and Lucy shot her a glance "Nope, Cousin Eustace wanted a chat, Dear Little Niece" 
Olivia laughed and looked at Eustace "Stop distracting my Auntie, Eustace!" 
Eustace's eyes widen "Excuse me, Your Highness" He put his hand on his chest "I am very sorry" 
Olivia laughed falling backwards on her butt "Ow." She laughed. 
Lucy giggled "Come here" She picked up Olivia who laughed again. 
"What happens if we leave, Lucy? What happens to Melody and Olivia" Eustace asked Lucy. 
Lucy started braiding Olivia's hair. "I honestly don't know, Eustace...But Edmund would be heartbroken if we did leave again, He's a father now, I--" She paused "Let's worry about that when it happens." Lucy looked at Eustace who nodded. 
"Speak of the devil..." Eustace said as Lucy looked.
"Oh, you guys finished" Lucy joked.
Edmund giggled "Shut it, Lucy." 
"Daddy!" Olivia said putting her arms up. 
"Hey sweetheart!" Edmund picked up Olivia and held her upside down "Have you been nice to Auntie Lu" 
Olivia started laughing "Yes! We played Tag and she braided my hair and" 
"And we played hide and seek" Lucy said as Edmund holds her probably. 
"That sounded like fun!" Edmund said putting Ollie down who fell backwards onto Lucy. 
Lucy caught her and kissed her cheek. 
Melody walked up to Caspian "Hey you." 
"Oh, look who's returned from her room, Drinian..." Caspian said. "The Princess is alive!" 
Melody hit her brother playfully "Shut up." She laughed. "Apart from my daughter running around the boat with Gael and Lu, what else has happened?" Melody asked looking at Drinian and Caspian. 
"Not much, Your Highness" Drinian said. "It's been quiet." 
"We heard moans though" Caspian said hiding his smile, Drinian looks away smiling
Melody opened her mouth widely "Oh my gosh! I am so sorry!" 
Caspian burst out laughing "I'm only messing with you!" 
Melody hit Caspian once more. "I hate you!" She laughed. 
Drinian and Caspian laughing as Melody shook her head joining in. 

The sun started to set, Edmund, Drinian and Caspian  are looking through a telescope. 
"It looks uninhabited but if the Lords followed the mist east they would of stopped here." Caspian said giving the telescope to Edmund
"Could be a trap" Drinian said. 
"Or it could hold some answers, Caspian?" Edmund asked as Olivia ran up the stairs to see Edmund, He looks down laughing and picks her up. 
"Land!" Olivia said pointing to the land.
Caspian giggled at Olivia "We'll spend the night on shore. Scour the Island in the morning" 
"Aye, your Majesty!" Drinian said walking away.
"Can I come?" Olivia said looking at Edmund and Caspian. 
"Of course!" Edmund said "I promised you adventure, so you'll get adventure!" 
"Yay!" Olivia said as Edmund turned around and Melody had her arms folded. 
"What?" Edmund said looking down at her. 
"There is no way in hell, she's coming!" Melody said pointing at Olivia and walked up to them.
"Aw, come on! She hasn't been off the boat in ages, she needs to get off sometime." Edmund said whining. 
Melody sighed "no, what if it's dangerous!" 
"Please...I promise I'll watch her!" Edmund replied as Olivia gave Melody a pouty face. 
"Fine! But if anything happens..." Melody got cut off.
"I'm responsible!" Edmund said kissing Melody's cheek. "Come on, baby girl! Adventure awaits!" He ran passed Melody running towards the Longboats. Melody shot a look at Caspian and sighed. 
During the night, Invisible creators gave along.
"Seems they brought a pig..." One of the Dufflepugs said. 
"This one, it's female.." Another one spoke. 
"So is this one...And these two!" Dufflepud said looking at Gael then to Melody and Olivia. 
"This one reads!" Dufflepug2 said opening the book that Lucy read before going to sleep. 
"Let's take her!" Dufflepug1 said.
The Dufflepugs covered Lucy's mouth grabbing her and taking her away with them, They dropped her and Lucy got to her feet grabbing her dagger that one of the dufflepugs tossed out off her hands and onto the ground, Lucy goes running towards it before getting knocked backwards. 
"There is no escape!" Dufflepug1 said. 
"Well put!" 
"What are you?!" Lucy asked getting to her feet.
"We are terrifying and invisible beasts!" 
"If you saw us you would be very intimidated!" Dufflepug said. 
"You forgot to mention we are very large!" Dufflepug2 said raising his voice at the last words. 
"Well, what do you want?" Lucy asked.
"You will do as we ask!" Dufflepug1 said. 
"She will, very clear!" 
"Very clear!"
"Well put!" 
"Or what?" Lucy asked sounding brave.
"Or death!" Dufflepug said. 
"Death?" DP said.
The Dufflepugs started chanting "Death...Death..death...Death" 
Lucy spoke loudly "Well, I wouldn't be much used to you dead now, would I?" 
"I hadn't thought of that" DP Said. 
"No you hadn't.."
"Fair point..." 
"Alright! Then we'll just kill your friends..." DP spoke. 
"Ooh..Good idea" DP2 Spoke.
"What do you want with me?" Lucy asked, she gets pushed towards the invisible mansion.
"You will enter the house of....The Oppressor." DP Said.
"What house?" Lucy asked, as she can't see anything. 
"This one.." Dp1 said opening the two doors for Lucy to see, her eyes widen. 
"Upstairs, you will the The Book of Incantations, recite the spell...what makes the unseen seen..." DP1 told Lucy. 
"Well put, Chief...Well Put" DP2 said. 
"well Put" 
"Well go on! We haven't got all day!" 
"Remember what will happen to your friends! You've been warned!" Dp Said.
"Why don't you do it yourselves?" Lucy had turned around to ask the Dufflepuds that she can't see. 
"We can't read" DP1 spoke out.
"Can't write either, as a matter of fact.." Dp2 said.
"Or add..." 
Lucy sighed "Why didn't you just say so?" She turned back to face the door. 
"Beware of the Oppressor! He's very oppressive!" DP said. 
" 'What makes the unseen seen..' Got it!" 
"Don't forget that!"
"Don't forget that!" 
Lucy walked up the stairs and the door shut behind her. 

Caspian woke up before anyone else, he noticed the giant foot prints on the ground and started to shake Edmund. "Ed...Ed!" 
He groaned. "Hmm"
Caspian shook him once more "Ed, wake up!" 
Edmund finally woke up, Caspian showed him the footsteps "Where's Lucy?!" Edmund said looking around "Lucy?" He looked again "Lucy!" 
Drinian woke up and whispered to everyone loudly "Get up! Get up I say!" 
Melody woke up and picked up Olivia on her back, Edmund quickly came over. "I can carry her if you like" 
Melody shook her head "It's fine, I got it!" Melody said as Olivia wrapped her arms around Melody's neck gently and started to run.
"This way!" Drinian said. "Move, you blackguards!" 
Everyone went running towards the forest, all except for Eustace who was snoring away on the sand. 
Lucy walked into a room full of books, she walks up to the book in the middle of the room, she tries to open it with her hands until a little statue on the side of it blows and she blows on the book that rearranges the words "Book of Incantations" She smiled opening the book and flicking through the pages, she pauses at one of them.
"With these words, Your tongue must sew, For all around there to be snow." Lucy said and looked around as it began snowing, her eyes flickered at the snow falling on her eyelids, she looks at the book and blows the snow off it, the pages start to change rapidly, she slams her hand on the book and it stopped, Lucy looked behind her as the green mist left the book on the opposite side she was looking at, she looked back and saw a different spell, she looked at the words and began to say it aloud again. 
"An infallible spell
To make you she
The beauty you've always wanted to be"  Lucy looked over at the lady who changed into a mirror, she started to admire herself till she saw Susan, she smiled widely "Susan, what's going...On?" She asked but realising that Susan is her, she touches her face "I'm beautiful..." Lucy looks around her for a mirror and runs towards it only to see she is still her own self, she ran back to the book where the mirror started to fade, she slammed her hand on the book "no wait!" She looks at the top of the mirror page "Make me she, whom I'd agree" Lucy began ripping the back out, as she does a lion roars from the book, the pages change pages rapidly one more
"Lucy!" A voice called out "Lucy..." 
Lucy looked around "aslan!?" She looked to the right "Aslan..." Lucy looked back at the book and saw the spell "Make the unseen see" She began. "Like the 'p' in psychology
The 'h' in psychiarty
Invisible ink
and the truth in theology." 
"Caspian...Lucy's dagger!" Edmund said picking it up. 
The dufflepuds each threw spears at Caspian and the others
"Stop right there or parish!" Dufflepud1 said.
Melody placed Olivia down behind a rock "Stay!" She told her getting her bow and arrow ready, she ran towards Edmund to help, she pulled her bow back but got kicked in the stomach and sent flying backwards. 
"Melody!" Edmund cried as Olivia run towards her "Olivia stay there!" Edmund turned back but only to be hit by one of them.
Melody is lying on the ground in pain, she turns her head down for a second only to look up and hear Olivia screaming. "Olivia!!" Melody screamed, Edmund looked.
"Let my daughter go!" Edmund pointed his sword in the direction where Olivia is. 
"Tell them to drop their weapons!" DP1 said holding Olivia's arms tighter. 
Olivia screamed out in pain. "Daddy!" 
Edmund turns to his mates upset "Guys please! There hurting Olivia! Drop your weapons!" 
"Drop your weapons! now!" Caspian ordered everyone and they dropped their weapons, Melody finally stood to her feet. 
The dufflepud let Olivia go and she ran towards Edmund crying, Holding him tight, Melody ran down and grabbed her from his arms, picking her up. "You okay, Lolipop?!" 
"My arms hurt mama!" She cried
"Oh baby...I know." Melody said, holding her close, she kissed her arms. 
"I'm so sorry, Mel! I didn't know that was going to happen!" Edmund tried calling out to Melody but she ignored him, she just held Olivia tight as she cried on her. 
"The spell is complete....Now all is visible" Lucy finished the spell, she looked up at a ladder moving on it's own but only to discover the oppressor becoming visible, he turns and faces Lucy and sighs. 
"What sort of creatures are you!?" Caspian asked. 
"Big ones..." Dp said. 
"With the head a tiger and the body of a..." He paused "Different tiger!" 
"You don't want to mess with us!" DP2 said.
"Or what?" Edmund said.
"Or I'll claw you to death!" DP said coming visible
"And I'll ram my tusks right through you" Dp3 said. 
"And I'll gnash you with my teeth!" 
"And I'll bite you with my fangs. Grrr!" 
"You mean squash us with your fat bellies?" Caspian asked
"Fat bellies?" The DP's looked down at themselves to discover they are now visible. 
"Ticklish with your toes?" Caspian asked again as one of the DP fell from another DP's shoulder's and landed in front of Edmund who pulled out his sword and pointed it at him.
"What have you done with my sister, you little pip squeak!?" He asked the DP.
The DP Looked worried "Now, calm down!" 
"Where is she?!"  Edmund asked one more. "Don't think I'll go easy on you now! You hurt my daughter!" 
"You better tell him."
"Go on, Chief, tell him"
"In the manison..." DP said.
"What mansion?" Edmund asked as the DP looked to his left and a Mansion became visible "Ooh...That mansion" 
Eustace comes out "You know, I'm getting real tired of you all leaving me behind!" He stopped and froze. 
"It's the pig! The pigs come back!" The DP shouted.
"This place just keeps getting weirder and weirder!" Eustace protested. 
"Weird? Him calling us weird!?" DP complained. 
"The Oppressor!"
"The Oppressor!"
"Lucy!" Edmund sounded happy to see his sister
"Melody, Caspian and Edmund...This is Coriakin, it's his Island!" Lucy said. 
"That's what he thinks! You have wronged us magician." DP said.
"I have not wronged you, I made you invisible for you own protection!" Coriakin walked towards them as they hopped backwards.
"Protection?! That's oppressive! Oppressor!" DP's kept hopping backwards.
 "I have not oppressed you" Coriakin said. 
"But you could off! If you wanted too!" DP said. 
"Be gone!" Coriakin throws things of sprinkles
"It's a spell!" The dufflepuds all complain as they hopped away doing tricks. 
"What was that?" Lucy asked him.
"Lint...But don't tell them" Coriakin replied
"What were those things...?" Eustace asked Coriakin
"Dufflepuds!" He replied walking back towards the mansion. 
"Right, Of course, silly me!" Eustace said following them into the mansion. 
Melody holding Olivia still as she was resting her head on Melody's shoulders and sucking her thumb, both girls weren't looking at Edmund. 
"What do you mean when you said you made them invisible for their own good?" Lucy asked Coriakin. 
"It was the only way to protect them from the evil." Coriakin replied. 
"You mean from the mist" Edmund said. 
"I mean what lies behind the mist" Coriakin answered, he grabbed a giant rolled up scroll and threw it on the ground, revealing a map of the ocean and on the side of it, the first Battle the four Pevensie's fought it. 
"It's quite beautiful..." Eustace said and everyone looked at him, he looked at them "I mean, for a make-believe map in a make-believe world!" He protested.
"There is the source of your troubles..." The map showed them Dark Island "Dark Island, a place where evil lurks, it can take any form. Make your darkest dreams come true, it can corrupt all goodness." Coriakin told them. 
"How do we stop it?" Lucy asked Coriakin.
"You must break it's spell...That sword you carry" He points to Edmund's sword "There are six others." 
"Have you seen them?" Edmund asked 
"Yes" Coriakin replied. 
"Six Lords?" Melody asked "They passed through here?" 
"Indeed" Coriakin nodded.
"Where were they headed?" Caspian asked. 
"Where I sent them, to break the spell you must follow the blue star to Ramandu's Island, there you must lay the seven swords on Aslan's table, only then can the true magic be released, but beware...you are all about to be tested." Coriakin told them.
"Tested?" Lucy asked.
"Until you lay down the seventh sword, evil has the upper hand. It will do everything in it's power to tempt you. Be strong, Don't fall to temptation. To defeat the darkness out there...you must defeat the darkness inside yourself." Coriakin replied, before sending the team away. 

They all start to sail away from Coriakin's Island, Melody took Olivia below decks to there room.
"My arms won't stop hurting, mummy" She looked at Melody with tears. 
Melody sighed "Now you see why I don't want you going on dangerous adventures, I know daddy said it wasn't going to be but I know danger when I see it, next time you stay on the boat with David, okay!" Melody kissed Olivia's forehead again, "You must sleep now, baby girl." 
"Okay, mummy, please don't leave me, I'm worried a dufflepud will be here." Olivia looked behind her scared, Melody softly turned Olivia's head back, Olivia looks at her mum sad.
"I promise you, there isn't a dufflepud here! And if there was, I'd kill him!" Melody stroked her head, Olivia lied down and started to close her eyes. 
"Don't leave me, mummy" She yawned closing her eyes again
"I won't." Mel kissed her forehead again and stayed with Olivia. 
Eustace started to write in his diary
"For reasons beyond my comprehension...we've taken the advice of a senile old coot...who doesn't possess a razor and dawdles around in a dressing gown. So we're back in this tuband lost in a tempest. Brilliant!"

Crew Members shouting  "Hold! Three spokes to starboard. Aye-aye, sir. More pails here.Pass it down! Heave!"

Olivia was finally out of it, holding Melody's hand, Melody couldn't move, she heard someone knocking at her door. "Come in!"  Melody said looking at the door but sighed and looked away when she realised it was Edmund.
"So, your not going to talk to me?" Edmund ask closing the door. "How is she?" 
"Edmund, she has bruises now! It took her longer to get to sleep tonight, she kept looking around and making sure one of the Dufflepuds weren't here!" Melody looked at him "You risked our daughters Life!" Melody raised her voice at the last part. 
"I'm sorry..." Edmund said lowering his voice, shedding a tear. 
Melody took her hand back slowly, she stood up folding her arms at Edmund "You bloody well should be! Now she doesn't want me to leave her fucking side! Edmund you don't know what its like to be a Parent!" Melody was now shouting but making sure Olivia wouldn't wake up. 
"I'm sorry I never wanted to leave Narnia! You know that" Tears rolled down Edmund's face "I know I'll never be the dad she wants me to be" He said pointing to her before wiping away his tears. 
"No! You wont be! You weren't there when she woke up with colic every night for the first few months! Or lose her first tooth! Or took her first steps!" Melody protested at him. 
"I know! I failed as a father!" Edmund shouted back "But I am trying my best! I just figured she would of liked to leave the boat for once! She hasn't been on land since she came onto the Dawn Treader!" 
"I don't care! I rather my daughter safe THEN almost getting killed!" Melody faced the wall in anger, she spoke again "You don't know what it was like when I Was pregnant, Edmund......Rumors spread saying I would die at childbirth AND the Caspian was the father!" Melody turned back to Edmund "For three Years, nearly four! IT was just me and Caspian watching her! We spoiled her! We told her old stories, HECK We even took her to cair paraval looking for YOU! Olivia cried for a dad one night, I had to tell her, Your NOT coming back! I gave up fucking hope for you! I Told her so many nights stories about you and your siblings! And in the END I had to tell her...There just stories, Your dad isn't coming back! AND I WISH YOU DIDN'T! your HURT HER!" Melody shouted at him, she then put her hands on her face in anger "Just get out, Edmund! I don't want to see your face right now!" Melody knelled down to her daughter again, and started stroking her head. 
"Fine, But trust me! I am trying to be a good father!" Edmund said opening the door
"How, your just a child still!" Melody didn't look at him, but ended up jumping because Edmund slammed the door shut and looked at Melody in anger. 
"Excuse me?!" Edmund pointed a finger at Melody "Don't you DARE tell me I'm a kid!" 
Melody stood up "You are though!! I wish I never fell in love with a freak like you!" Melody shouted, Edmund wanted to say something but he just walked out angry, Melody screamed in anger before laying next to her daughter in bed, holding her close. 

"Fourteen days of being tossed like a pancake and not the slightest sign of land. The only consolation is, everyone is finally...as miserable as I am. Except for that show-off talking rat. He's one of those annoying glass-is-always-half-full types." Eustace continued to write in his diary. 
In another room, Caspian, Drinian and Edmund were talking. 
"We're stuck here." Drinian placed a figureian on the map "at half-rations, with food and water for two more weeks, maximum. This is your last chance to turn back, your Majesties. There's no guarantee we'll spot the Blue Star anytime soon. Not in this storm. Needle in a haystack, trying to find this Ramandu place. We could sail right past it and off the edge of the world." Drinian spoke. 
"Get eaten by a sea serpent" Edmund said. 
Caspian shot him a look. 
"I'm just saying the menare getting nervous.These are strange seaswe're sailing...the likes of whichI've never seen before." Drinian said to Caspian. 
"Then perhaps, Captain, you would like to be the one to explain to Mr. Rhince...that we're abandoning the search for his family." Caspian said to Drinian. 
"I'll get back to it. Just a word of warning. The sea can play nasty tricks on the crew's mind. Very nasty" Drinian said leaving the room, Caspian looked at Edmund who looked very upset. 
"Hey Edmund..?" Caspian spoke. 
"Yeah?" Edmund replied holding onto the handle in the ceiling.
"Are you okay? You look like you've been crying." Caspian asked 
Edmund sighed "I'm just a horrible father!" 
Caspian leaned back onto the chair. "No your not!" 
Edmund nodded "Melody said I should've never came back I hurt Olivia I put our child in danger" 
"That wasn't your fault, Edmund! You had no idea they would use her as leverage!" Caspian told Edmund. 
"yeah but if I didn't inisited let her come with us she be okay!" Edmund protested to Caspian.
"She is fine, isn't she? She's on the boat, safe and sound..." Caspian said. 
"yeah but Melody doesn't want nothing to do with me" Edmund shed a tear again. 
"Edmund, Olivia is your daughter too...Melody just panicked, she could of lost Olivia and that's why she probably doesn't want to see you right now, go back, go talk to her about it......Shes your daughter too" Caspian told Edmund. 
Edmund nodded "Thanks Caspian" He left the room. 
Lucy pulled the ripped out page from under the blankets, she recited the words "Transform my reflection Cast into perfection Lashes, lips and complexion Make me she Whom I'd agree, Holds more beauty over me." Lucy stopped, she looked at herself, then walked over to the mirror where she changes into a beautiful blue dress, and fancy red lipstick on her lips, Hair changes to Susan's lengths, face changed, she touches it and smiles opening the door where a man smiled and announced "Ladies and Gentlemen! Miss Pevensie!" Lucy walked out smiling, happy she looks as beautiful as Susan. 
"She's quite the looker!" A man said "Swell!" 
Lucy is now greeted by Edmund "Look beautiful sister!" He links his arms to hers.
"As always!" Peter said linking arms aswell. 
"Peter!" she said happily
"Excuse me, miss! Can I get a photo?" A man with a camera asked, the three stop.
"Oh, mothers going to love this! All her children in one picture!" Peter said. 
Lucy looked confused. "Hang on, where am I?" They looked at her "I mean, where's Lucy?" 
"Lucy?" Edmund looked back at the camera smiling "Who's Lucy?" 
The camera shot a picture and Lucy was trying to get away. 
"Susan? What's wrong?" Peter asked. 
"Come on, now miss! Nice big smile!" The man said cleaning his lenses and trying again. 
"Edmund, I don't like this, I think I want to go back!" Lucy said looking at Peter. 
"Go back where?" Edmund asked.
"To Narnia!" 
"What on earth is Narnia?" Edmund replied. 
Lucy panicked "What's going on!? Stop this!" She covered her face, the camera flash went off and she was back on the boat, greeted by Aslan. 
"Lucy." Aslan said. 
"Aslan?" Lucy looks behind her but sees nothing, looks at the Mirror and Aslan is there. 
"What have you done, child?" Aslan asked Lucy
Lucy was upset "I don't know...That was awful!" 
"But you chose it, Lucy" Aslan said. 
" I didn't mean to choose all of that, I just wanted to be beautiful like Susan, that's all" Lucy said. 
"You wished yourself away,and with it much more.Your brothers and sister wouldntknow Narnia without you, Lucy.You discovered it first,remember?" Aslan told Lucy. 
"I'm so sorry" She said upset. 
"You doubt your value.Don't run from who you are." Aslan said walking away. 
A loud thunder hit the boat and Lucy shot up shouting "Aslan!" She looked at the ripped piece of paper and crunched it, she threw it into the fire.

Edmund walked into Melody's room. 
She looked up at him whispering "What now?" 
Edmund walked over to her "Look, I know you don't want to see me but I just want to tell you I'm sorry and I love you" 
Melody sighed, she slowly got off the bed where Olivia was sound asleep walking over to Edmund "I should be the one saying sorry, You had no idea she existed till you came back!" 
Edmund looked down as he started to cry, he stroked her arm, looking at her once more "I know I wasn't the father of the year I wish I could gone back to the day when I left I would've said no you need me"
Melody chucked a little "Edmund, I didn't even know I Was pregnant till you left, so You would of gone anyway" Melody started to cry. 
Edmund pulled her into a hug. "You know, I love you though, right?" 
Melody hugged him back "I love you, Go get some sleep...We'll see you tomorrow."
Edmund released the hug "Sounding like a true mother, Princess." 
Melody laughed "Oh, shut up and get some sleep!" 
Edmund laughed leaving the room, shutting the door behind him he goes to sleep on his bed. 
"Father...No... Father!" Caspian spoke in his sleep. 
The green mist appeared in their room, taking form of the White Witch. "Edmund...Edmund" 
Edmund looked. 
"Come with me, join me!" A bit of lighting showed Edmund who was talking, he pulled out his sword.
"Edmund!" Lucy spoke and Edmund jumped, he looked at where the mist was once more and looked at Lucy. 
"I can't sleep." Lucy said as Caspian jolted awake. 
"Let me guess...Bad dreams? So either we're all going mad, or something is playing with our minds!" He laid back down on the hammock, looking at Lucy then at the ceiling. 

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