Episode Two

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The cashier eyed the young woman with wary glances as she struggled to maintain control of the two rambunctious and very hungry toddlers. They scanned the purchases quickly as she fumbled to remove her credit card from her wallet.

Yejun cried and tugged on Minji's hand as Seojun leaned on her leg crying again, but this time he knew why. His tummy hurt and he was very tired. Too tired to even really cry, but Yejun was crying, therefore it was required that Seojun cry as well.

Minji tried her best to soothe the twins, but she knew it was a futile effort. As the employee bagged up her purhases, she knelt down and shuffled the two boys into her arms, shushing them and patting their backs. At a brief moment of silence, she heard a low rumble come from one of the twins. She blinked and looked at them curiously, the reason for their unpleasant behavior suddenly dawning upon her like the rise of the morning sun.

"You're hungry, aren't you? Oh, what a bad auntie I am," she whimpered and hugged the two children, assuring them that she would get them something quite yummy before they returned home.

She layered the bags onto her arms, cursing herself for not doing all of the shopping online and having it delivered instead. But what was done was done, and nothing would change it now. She had one job left to do for the evening and that was to feed her new tiny wards.

* * *

After a twenty-minute walk, which included three street crossings, one anxious dog, and a laundry list of other dangers, the trio arrived at a fast food restaurant and proceeded to place their order. The twins were languid in their movements, slow and lethargic as they had not eaten since early that morning. They were whiny and quite tired, and when Minji foolishly asked for their preferences, they only answered in more cries.

The employee gave her a whithering stare and Minji quickly placed her order, spouting off items as quickly as she found them on the menu behind the counter.

While waiting for their food to be prepared, Minji sat the boys down at a small table, tucking her mountain of bags underneath of it as much as possible. She watched the boys sigh and wipe away tears as they struggled to keep from having complete meltdowns.

It was a peace that was not to be long lived however, as the food took entirely too long to arrive.

* * *

Jin watched the woman with two children come in, looking flustered. He sipped his soda and turned away without a second thought for the trio. He poked at the fries on his tray and scrunched his nose up as the one he touched was now cold.

"Hyung, are you going to eat those?" Jin's younger brother, Taehyung, pointed at the limp fries with hopeful expectation.

"No, they're yours," he sighed, immediately cringing as a high-pitched wail assaulted his ears. "How are your job applications coming along?"

Taehyung shrugged as he stuffed four fries into his mouth at one time.

"Meh," he mumbled around the food.

"Meh? You really need to get your portfolio out there more, Tae. Why not ask Namjoon for help? He works for that web comic service. Surely someone is looking for an artist with your skill set."

"Hyung, it's not that easy. I can't work for free. I have to live too." Taehyung took a massive bite of his burger making Jin grimace as ketchup oozed out from around the corners of his mouth.

Jin picked up a napkin and handed it to his brother, who smiled gratefully and cleaned off his mouth. "I know. Look, just talk to him. Let him put out some feelers. Maybe something will turn up."

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