Chapter 23: We'd Rather Not

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'Alright, guys,' Aderyn smiled. 'Meet Elliot Cowan, the newest member of our team.'

'Oh, so the sneaky little guy did decide to join us!' Darcy beamed back, before glancing at Elizabeth. 'See? I told you Aderyn was the right one to send!'

'Yeah, okay, I definitely remember you,' Elliot scowled in the general direction of the man.

'Don't worry kid, sending us to jail was a memorable event for us, too.'

'Guys, really?' Kiley glanced between them both. 'We're all a team now. No squabbling.'

'Yes, mother,' Darcy pouted, and she rolled her eyes.

'Welcome to the team, Elliot.' Jasper smiled in attempt to break the ice, reaching out a hand towards him. After some mild hesitation, he took it, shaking firmly.

'So, you can... see all of them?' Aderyn asked.

He nodded, swallowing. 'If there's seven of them, then yes. No offence, but I think it's just you...'

'Wait... you can't see Ryn?' Kiley narrowed her eyes.

'To be fair,' Quentin shrugged. 'No one else can while she's flying...'

'You can fly?!'

'Well... the wings aren't just for decoration,' she admitted.

Colt erupted with a loud cough, gathering all of their individual attentions. 'Might just be me, but... I really don't think this is the best place to be discussing such matters.' He glanced around pointedly, dropping his voice. 'We're surrounded by normal, mutant-hating, people, remember?'

Ryn nodded, glancing around, herself. He was right, they had to be careful with what they said, out here.

'Well... if it makes anyone else happy, we're one step closer to our goal of ten,' Darcy shrugged.

'Yeah,' Jackson scoffed. 'We can nearly make those two pentagons of yours.'

'Exactly! Isn't this exciting? I mean, we've been quite lucky, already, this afternoon. Who knows, maybe the tenth member is somewhere close...'

'Right... so uh.... Who exactly is it that we're up against?' Elliot asked

'The Silver Scorpion,' Quentin replied grimly.

The boy fell silent for several moments upon hearing that, and though his gaze was directed in the general direction of the table, Ryn could tell that his focus was somewhere else. Although she couldn't quite tell if his momentary distraction was due to the words spoken, or the girl who spoke them.

He seemed to shake himself from it, after a number of seconds.

'The Silver Scorpion?'

'Apparently it'll make more sense when you see him,' Jasper shrugged.

'You haven't seen him?'

'Only Aderyn has,' Colt nodded in her direction. 'But everyone here has heard of what he's done. It's the only thing the news seems to be talking about at the moment, despite the fact they have absolutely no idea who's really behind it all.'

'What, you mean like... all the missing person reports, and kidnappings and what-not? But... they're saying it's due to mutant attacks...'

'Like I said,' Colt repeated. 'No idea...'

'But... that doesn't make sense. My mother works for the Zenith, they get the information straight from the source. Every bit of evidence, even the Scorp Tower attack, points towards the mutants. I thought...'

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