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"I thought you were the one, was it all just a lie?"


Hiraya Verose was introduced to a man by her friend, and as time passed she fell for that man despite never meeting him.

One day she found out the truth about this man and that "truth" changed her whole life.

「~♛♕♛ ~」

I poured my very soul into this one-shot so I do hope that most of you will enjoy it. I did not copy or steal this story from anyone so if you do find anything similar to it it's probably a coincidence. All scenarios that might have happened in real life is only a coincidence and in no means based on it. Strictly no copying any part of this book without my permission.

Tagalog/Filipino translation book by Queenly_JD
[No translating of this story whatsoever without my permission.]

Date started: 2nd of March 2019

Number of words: 3609 words


"I'm a single lady, I'm a single lady!" The girl sang loudly like she didn't have an ounce of care in the world.

"Virgins 'till sixty put your hands up!" Said her friend that seems to be mocking her.

"Daila Smith why are you raining on my parade?" Said Hiraya, or Ray for short.

"Ray, you can't be a single lady forever."

"Yes I can." Replied the brunette.

Daila was a bit concerned with her friend's love life but she didn't want to be pushy about it either. Despite being 21 Hiraya didn't like the thought of getting a boyfriend. Even though she has a stable job and a bright future ahead she felt like she isn't ready for the responsibility that comes with being in a relationship.

She claims that "with good love life comes a great headache."

Hiraya lived with strict but loving parents and her dream is to become a doctor but she's still saving up since they weren't very wealthy either. Even though she wasn't much of a nerd she preffered to read and study all day. "An introvert she is," claims her best friend since freshmen years.

"Hhmm. . . How about I hook you up with someone I know?" Asked her bff who was eager to help her.

"Like a blind date? Daila you know I hate da—"

"Nope. More like a text buddy."

"A what now?"

"A text buddy."

"I don't know what you're talking about but my parents told me to not talk to strangers especially on social me—"

"Trust me, even though I've only met him once I'm—"

"Wait you've only met him once? Do you even remember what he looks like? How old is he? I ain't dating a pervert and you know that!"

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