Chapter Fourteen

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"I didn't know sister wakes up early," Lily said with a smile that can capture men's heart, pure and innocent. She entered the house without my invitation.

I closed the door trying not to slam. "I'm planning on going to the circle," I said.

"Really?" Her voice was excitedly high.

Don't tell me she also wants to go to the circle... with me.

"Are you going there also?" I asked, nonchalant as I was chanting please say no, please say no repeatedly in my head.

"Maybe next time sister."

What the fuck was wrong with this girl? Being excited about what? But I was dancing inside grateful that she declined.

"Are you not going now?" She asked. I could hear the small hint of impatient on her voice.

I was not sure if my whole face twitched but this bitch was getting on my nerve first thing in the morning. Kicking me out of my own house. She'll be kissing my fist if my patience runs out.

     "What are you doing here again?"

     "I'm visiting you, silly. Just want to know how are you and the baby." I didn't miss that quick look on my stomach that she gave. Her eyes revealed anger and jealousy.

     Evie called me. "M'lady, you're breakfast is ready."

     As I ate my breakfast as peaceful as wish it could be, Lily made sure I won't have that and bombarded me with questions of Nik while looking around as if waiting for someone to merge out of the dining room door.

"How's Nik as a husband?" She asked another question with a mouthful of pancake. Inwardly I raised my an eyebrow, you just called my husband nickname on my face. Do you think I'll go lashing you out because you purposely said his nickname?

"Same like the other husband," I said plainly.

She furrowed at my answer, the old me usually screamed at her face or just ignored her and chatter about Nik nonstop and boasted my made up stories about me and him.

When the door opened Lily beamed at the new person then her face falls for a second. "Roxanne!" She shouted squeaking and ran.

"Lady Lilian," the old head maid greeted the visitor and gave her a bear hug. "I heard that you came to visit so I immediately came to see you. How are you, child?"

"I'm already fine. Where's Nik? I need to talk to him."

Finally, the lil' bitch spoke her purpose of coming here. All those shitty words about visiting because of me.

I was sure that Lily forgot that I was here while Roxanne didn't see me.

"Did the master not tell you when he visits the capital?"

"I didn't know he went to the capital."

"Oh dear, I thought he went there to visit you four days ago." Lily shook her head. "He went to war already, my child."

"No." Lily started to cry. "I didn't say goodbye to him."

They went somewhere not noticing that I was there. Well, that was interesting. Nikolai did not visit Lily. I wonder what was he doing four days ago aside eating with me and dragging me out of the cemetery.

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