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Chapter 3

The girl was dying to rub the lamp. There were so many things she needed to know! Who was that boy who saved her from drowning? Why can’t she remember anything from her life other than today? Who is she?

“My dear, what is troubling you?” Roland asked,

“Why can’t I remember anything? Where’s daddy? And where am I? And Roland, have you noticed that I’m talking to a centaur! There are no such things as centaurs!” She was overreacting, and she knew it, but seriously, centaurs are a myth, “Ever since I’ve got here, I have encountered nothing but myths, fairy tales, and it’s just impossible. You, a centaur, myth! Genie lamp, myth! Mermaid who saved my life, absolutely IMPOSSIBLE! I’m scared and confused and I need to find my dad!

Roland was obviously offended, “I know you are scared and confused, but that is no excuse to question my existence.” The girl thought it over, then looked over at him. He was raising an eyebrow at her, his jaw was clenched, and his incredible muscles were tensed. She was sat there admiring his muscles while pretending to think. He cleared his throat, she blinked a couple of times and decided to apologise and ask for help.

“Roland, I’m sorry. I’m just really confused and worried. How old are you?” Where did that last bit come from, he seemed to be surprised as well,

“I’m about twenty three. Why?” Roland looked very puzzled,

“I’m… not sure.” The girl was thinking things over, “You look good.”

“Thank you. So do you. How old are you?” Damn, she was hoping he wouldn’t ask that question,

“I think I’m twenty. Yes I’m twenty.” ‘I think’ she thought to herself, well she’s saying it anyway; if she can’t find that merboy then she’s sticking with the centaur. She was staring with great adoration at the centaur now, and he was staring at her with confusion, then surprise.


‘Why is she staring at me like that’ Roland thought to himself, and then he noticed her eyes. They were the eyes of someone who was in-love. She is very pretty isn’t she? “My sweet, we had better get on our way if we are going to find your father”

“Can I please use the lamp? I want to know what I can’t remember and why I can’t remember it! And I want to know my name!” Then a thought hit Roland. What if he gives her a name in the meantime? But what name? “Hey sweetheart,” did he just call her ‘sweetheart’? “Why don’t we give you a name until we find your father?” She seemed intrigued at that idea,

“Well, I’ve always liked Lily” The girl said,

“Well there you go, your name is now Lily” He smiled at her then, maybe the smile was too big or something because she seemed light-hearted.

“Hey, Roland?” Lily asked nervously,

“Yes Lily? What is it?” Roland replied hesitantly,

 “Are we friends?”

“Yes of course we’re friends. Why?” Roland looked puzzled,

“Because you’re really nice.” She decided to change the subject, “How are we going to find my father?” Lily seemed hopeless, so Roland decided to comfort her. He went over and lifted her chin so she was eye-to-eye with him. He was very close.

“Lily, we are going to find him. I promise.” His voice was soft and caring. ‘I hope I’m not leading her on. No matter how beautiful she is.’


The centaur was very close to the human girl. As far as he could see, too close, like he was trying to kiss her but didn’t want to be too forward.

“Mervin, what are you doing? Who are we spying on?”

“Go away Mary, this doesn’t concern you.” They were whispering. Mervin and his annoying younger sister. She was really clingy for an eighteen year old.

“You always say that Vinnie. Why does everything you do never have to concern me? I’m bored.” The she saw who he was watching and smirked, “Is that you’re girlfriend? The pretty lady smooching with the centaur?” He got annoyed at that,

“They are not smooching Mary, now leave me alone, or go get me some trousers at least then you can come.”  That made her happy, but now he has to bring her along too. She swam off gleefully and came back a few minutes later with his favourite pair of jeans, underwear and her dress. They swam quietly to a place near where the girl was talking to the centaur to change into humans and put on clothes. Mervin didn’t bother with shirts because, for one thing; he had great abs, and another; they were too much trouble.

“Ok, Mary, be good, don’t say anything stupid, and behave” he gave her the dreaded stare that he knows she gets seriously uncomfortable with.

“Yes Mervin, I promise.” She said softly,

“Ok. Let’s go”


I will be writing soon, i've just been very busy with college work and been holiday, and not been well. So will be writing soon, just need to get a few more ideas.

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