As they entered the place, they saw Eleanor sitting on the table , texting on her phone."Hey El"said Louis."Hey Lou- ohh hi Harry.......are you joining us tonight ?"Eleanor said."Yes, I hope it dosent bother you...''harry said."No dont worry , your already here so lets get ourself some yogurt" Eleanor said.As they all got up Louis whispered into Harry's ear" You see,She enjoys you being here".

4 Hours past

10:15 Eleanor:I cant believe you brought Harry!

10:15 Louis: Whats wrong with Harry?

10:16 Eleanor:LOUIS! it was suppost 2 be our night.Why do you have to have something about Harry.

10:17 Louis:Well I thought you like Harry's company.More the people , more like its a party.

10:18 Eleanor: :P Whatever, Goodnight.Hope you and your "Boyfriend"have fun tonight

10:19 Louis: He's NOT my boyfriend.

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