First Date

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Vincent was waiting for Rebecca when she got off work. She smiled at him as she walked toward him. "You look nice," she said.

"Don't I always?" he frowned and looked down at his suit and tie. Rebecca blushed.

"Yes, you do. I just thought I would compliment you on it," she looked down at her feet. Vincent reached out and lifted her head with two fingers under her chin.

"You look very nice too," he nearly whispered. Rebecca felt herself blush again and mentally cursed herself. This blushing thing was getting out of control.

"I'm in scrubs," she motioned to her work attire. "Any chance we can swing by my place so I can change?"

Vincent nodded and they walked out of the building. He opened her door for her making sure that she was in before shutting it and walking to his side to get in. It took twenty minutes to reach Rebecca's building. The entire drive they both were silent. Rebecca listened to the music coming from the radio that was just loud enough to hear. The song was one of her favorites and she relaxed into the seat. Vincent watched her from the corner of his eye he was glad that she felt comfortable enough around him to relax as much as she seemed to be.

Vincent shut the car off and looked at her. "You don't mind if I come up with you, do you?" He wanted to make sure that her place was secure. He could have one of his men disguise themselves as a handyman or something and check it out, but the only person he trusted completely to get the job right was his self.

"Of course not," Rebecca answered reaching for her doors handle. Vincent reached for her grabbing her wrist to stop her movement. She looked back at him with a questioning look.

"I will get your door," he simply said before opening his and getting out. His mother would have his head if he let a woman open a door. He jogged quickly to her side and opened the door offering his hand to help her out. Rebecca smiled at him and took his hand.

They walked to the elevator waiting for it to come down from its current level. Rebecca could feel the warmth of Vincent's hand on her back and surprisingly she didn't feel uncomfortable. There was something about him that made her feel at ease and safe.

When they got to her apartment Rebecca unlocked the door. Vincent followed her in and shut the door. "I will be quick," she said as she headed for the stairs.

"Take your time," he said looking over his shoulder. Rebecca nodded and headed upstairs to take a quick shower. Vincent turned back to the door and turned the deadbolt, locking and unlocking it several times to make sure that it locked properly. Afterward, he checked the windows and made sure that there were no cameras or bugs. When he was satisfied that there was nothing to find downstairs, he listened for Rebecca's movement upstairs. The water was running. Assuming that she was still in the shower he made his way up the stairs to check everything up there.

He checked the window, looked for camera's and bugs in her end tabled and under her bed before walking into her walk-in closet to check there. While he looked for anything suspicious in her closet, he didn't hear her open the door to the bathroom.

Rebecca walked out of the bathroom and went to her closet. She was in deep thought about what to wear on this unexpected date and didn't notice Vincent who froze when she walked in. She grabbed a pair of panties and a matching bra before she turned in the direction he was standing. When she saw him, she let out a blood-curdling scream.

Vincent rubbed the back if his neck, "this isn't what you think?" he said in more of a question than a statement. Rebecca's grip on her towel tightened and she raised an eyebrow. She was trying not to freak out but she was wondering what the hell he was doing in her damn closet.

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