Base of the project

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       The smallest things can have the biggest results!!!

         Basis for the Sunflower Project
      You always have at least one friend who you know for sure you couldn’t live without.

   The Sunflower Project is to help you let them know that you appreciate them, even when they feel that you don’t.

     You don’t have to do this, you can appreciate them however you want. But this is an idea, or just something to get you going.

                              The Idea
      As you know, some lockers have band pictures on them, or choir, or SRT, or maybe even sports. However, there are a lot of people who don’t have anything on their lockers.

     That’s okay, but sometimes a person will feel alone and in need of support. All you have to do is grab a sticky note, write down what you like or admire about someone, or even just a compliment and put it up on their locker.

     It doesn’t have to be to personal if you don’t want it to be, and you don’t even have to sign it. But it will make your friend (or the person you are doing it for) feel thought of and remind them that they are loved.

     In other words, it could boost their self-esteem and self-confidence, or it could just make their day. You just stick it on their locker or even hand it to them if you don’t want to put it on their locker.

                          Simple to Do
      With this project, nothing is underappreciated and nothing is too big. It doesn’t matter how big or small your contribution is. Even just a small amount of effort can mean the world to someone.

     The entire base of the Sunflower Project is to help motivate and cheer people up. Basically, don’t say anything mean, don’t use double meanings, and if you don’t have anything nice to say about someone, then just find someone else to compliment.

               Spread the News
     This isn’t something that absolutely has to stay in the school. You could do it for your neighbor or your siblings, or even a friend you’ve lost touch with.

     The Sunflower project isn’t about being judged by how well you thought something out or how pretty you made something look. It’s about reminding people that they matter and that someone out there cares for them.

          Extra Extra Read All About It
    You don’t have to go to far lengths to make a change for the greater good. You could simply say something nice to them.

    Compliment something you like about them, just smile and say hello. Remember, the smallest things can have the biggest impact.

                  Just a Small Thing
     Even if you don’t want to do this, that’s okay. No one is forcing you. But saying something nice every once in a while not only makes you feel good, but also the person you’re telling it to feel better.

    Have you ever been complimented on something and it just made your day? Something that stuck with you because someone noticed something about you? It’s a great feeling, isn’t it? Wouldn’t you like to be the reason someone felt like that?

                Mention the project
    If you do happen to do something nice on someone’s locker or whatever you do, be sure to show that it’s part of the Sunflower project. Draw a little sunflower in the corner of whatever you’re using.

     It will show the person that not only do you care about them and support them, but many more people that they don’t even know. Make sure that you spread the news about the Sunflower project while your doing it!

    The goal is to make this a thing that spreads to everyone who needs it! You don’t have to draw sunflowers on everything or be a good artist, just simply write ‘sunflower project’ on the back of something!

    The goal is to make this a thing that spreads to everyone who needs it! You don’t have to draw sunflowers on everything or be a good artist, just simply write ‘sunflower project’ on the back of something!   

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      Spread the project
   As you can clearly tell that we have bases it off school. (More specifically details of ours.) But you can do it at work, home, grandparents place, or whatever your situation is.

     Feed back from us???
   I guess this part would be like authors notes. The others will probably add more detailed parts on their end.

    Sorry if the details all sound like they're repeating. They probably are, but I'm to tired to fix them right now.

   If you're interested in doing this, let us know! If you want help or advice, we can also help with that. Like how you should do it or what things in particular to do.

     Also, according to google there is a project called "The Great Sunflower Project" which I have no idea what it is about but I'll look into it later. This is a smaller thing and as far as I know for the moment and probably next few years, it's not collecting money for charity. Not cause we're spiteful, but  students only one quarter and two weeks away from highschool  take a while to be tooken seriously.

     This kind of like the ice bucket challenge they did a while back, it's easier to do among normal people I guess? There's no website, this isn't something you sign up for, you just do it. From the good of your heart.

    Weather or not you do this, know that you are appreciated!!! That you are a wonderful being that exists for a reason! I personally don't believe in someone has a destiny made for them when their born, but I do believe that you can have your own fate planned out! You do matter in every way possible. Inside and out, everybody is beautiful in their own ways!

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