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"Kate! Stop it!" Lisa choked out between laughs while wiping the vibrant, purple smoothie dripping down her chin with her open palm

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"Kate! Stop it!" Lisa choked out between laughs while wiping the vibrant, purple smoothie dripping down her chin with her open palm.

"It came out of your fucking nose!" I wheezed pointing my index finger towards the violet mess while clutching my rapidly rising and falling chest; trying to recenter my posture before falling from the chair.

"Wilder!" A stern voice snapped causing my body to involuntarily jump at his sharp words.

"Yes, sir." I gulped pursing my lips into a straight line, trying my best to muzzle a bubbling laugh vibrating the back of my throat.

"OR 6, now." The surgeon vaguely instructed after looking skeptically between the both of us, and instead of letting a single word escape his opening closing lips, he dropped his head in annoyance while pinching the bridge of his nose.

"I knew your weak asses couldn't last long without me." I cockily remarked looking back to Lisa with widened eyes and a mocking expression, causing a bright smile to crack across both our lips.

"Go save the shit out of them, Kate." Lisa bolstered raising her clinched fist above her head as if to say, girl power.

Leaving the comforts of another rousing conversation with one of my closest friends, I whipped my head around one last time as a small smirk cracked across my lips; observing her desperate attempts to rid her scrubs of the vibrant stains, my mind wandered to a life without her. What would I possibly do without her?


"Kate! Kate!" Ripped me from a simpler reality, a reality I desperately longed to retrieve; but that was out of question, my own curiosity made sure of it. As an involuntary response to the sudden presence of sound, my clinched fist drove into my disturbers nose.

"Shit!" A familiar voice groaned pricking my ears as a sharp, pulsating pain jostled my groggy mind awake; the only thing my blurred vision bringing into focus being a silhouette holding his chin up while pinching the bridge of his nose.

"What the fuck!" I panted frantically scrambling from beneath the sheets clinging to my sweating skin, trying to choke back my raspy, deep voice. "Tony?" I croaked rubbing the sleep from my eyes as my senses registered the sweat pulling every material onto my body like a magnet; while surges of both hot and cold pulses washed over my body.

"Oh how foolish of me, I should've started with, Bucky needs you, and maybe I wouldn't have gotten the shit knocked out of me." Tony sharply inhaled positioning his available hand of his hip while tending to his nose with the other. As soon as the words, Bucky needs you, rolled off the billionaire's tongue, my body unconsciously threw itself from underneath the sheets and I found myself standing atop the the knit carpet tickling my toes. "Figures." He scoffed under his breath.

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