Chapter 3 \(^~^)/

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Sooooooo I'm sick with the flu, I'm really bored, and have A LOT of time on my hands so I decided to do another chapter even though I just posted one yesterday XD (I think I'm going insane send halp)


"How long have you three been their....?" John asks but already knows that they have been their the entire time because of how he saw them shutter when he asked... They know how powerful he really is and it scares them...


"So now I have to keep you three numb nuts quite too.." John says and face palms a little in his mind...

"So its all true... You are the one that beat up Arlo...?" Remi asks,"Yup...." John says bitterly. Remi hearing this is almost relived that she now knows that it wasn't EMBER going after her friend but actually... the school 'cripple'..

"I swear John, we wont say anything... we know how important it is to keep this hidden for now.." Remi say glaring at Isen and Blyke when saying how 'Important' it is.. Isen and Blyke both nod their heads agreeing..


After a while everyone begins talking and laughing, like a big group of.. dare I say.. "Friends" its strange to say the least everyone is getting along until they hear the bell and Doc comes in

"Okay, Seraphina you are all healed up and just in time for your last class of the day.. I would normally allow you to go home now but since you already missed two entire days of school-" "I get it Doc.. I will manage."

"Just keep yourself out of trouble." 

"I'll try Doc.." John helps Seraphina up and everyone exits the infirmary together still laughing about a joke Isen had told when they were hanging out. As they leave, the halls are filled with students whispering about what happend to Seraphina and how still nobody knew who gave Arlo those bruises and who the masked guy who beat Isen that seemed to have multiple abilities. Seraphina walks with John to her class and they both walk in and see that a few seats were empty... 6 seats to be exact... Guess the students who took Sera were all in this class... Hmph... John thought right before taking his seat next to Sera.

Sera's POV

this class is so boring... I keep finding myself starring at John he has acted so different since I got back and... now I know why... John looks over at Sera as she is starring and they make eye contact. Sera looks away quick but John could still see that her cheeks just lit up bright pink.. John chuckles and blushes a bit aswell...

"Whats so funny John?" the teacher says in a condescending way."Nothing Ma'am"John stutters and turns even more red."Good, now pay attention!"


John and Sera walk together through the halls when they notice that everyone is standing around the news board as he gets closer to everyone. a few people start whispering

"That's him isn't it?"

"Shit that's the guy!"

"Oh god, that's him!?"

after hearing the whispering he runs to the board and starts pushing people out of the way.. he gets closer and sees a news story titled "School Cripple Actually The New King?" He reads through the paper and sees that someone took photos of him when his abilities were activated at the abandoned house and was even listening when everyone was in the Infirmary.. and his old school record stating his level and why he was expelled... John at first thinks this is Cecile's doing but then looks at where the photos at the abandoned house was taken from and he sees they were taken from where could have easily seen them...unless...they were invisible...

Sera takes the paper from John and grabs his hand then they start making their way to the roof when they notice that a few of the student are following them. A mid-tier green haired boy activates his ability and starts going after John I guess to see if he really is as powerful as the reports say. John's eyes turn bright gold and he turns to attack him, he uses the boy's ability and punches him in the gut sending him flying across the hall and into the lockers at the end of the hall way John thinks to go after him and beat him more, but remembers Sera is right behind him... he doesn't want her to see him that way.. so he deactivates his ability and takes Sera's hand. They run together to his dorm instead of the roof since school is out anyways their would be no point in staying in that hell hole. Luckily Blyke isn't at the dorms yet, he must be hanging out with Isen and Remi.

Sera and John sit on the sofa, John looks like he is about to break down so Sera hugs him,"John, its going to be okay... I'm here for you no matter what happens.." Sera says

"I just... I-I didn't want anyone to be scared of me.. I just wanted to fade into the background...I just don't know how to control myself...I don't want to hurt anyone, Sera..." John tells Sera

"I'll teach you... I may not have any abilities now but.. I used to, and I can help you learn to keep control.." Seraphina says as she leans out of the hug to look John in his eyes which were filled with tears."S-Sera..." John stutters a bit before holding her cheek in his palm and lowers his face to kiss. He leans out from the kiss and sees her face has turned bright red and she looks dazed,"I-I'm sorry I didn't mean t-" John says but Sera stops him by pulling him into another kiss.. They stay together for a while with their lips intertwined until,"YO JOHN DID YOU SEE THE PAPERS PLASTERED ALL OVER SCHO-!?!" Blyke ran into the dorm yelling but stops when he sees John and Sera,"Uhhhh..." Blyke searches for words but is lost...

"Blyke... Don't say another word about what you just saw..." John says glaring at the red headed boy standing in the doorway completely shocked,"YUP!" Blyke replies then runs out of the dorm  room wide eyed forgetting to close the door on his way out

Chapter End (^~^)

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