Chapter 1

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Arix's P.O.V

"C'mon Arix live a little !! " Briley yelled through the loud music that blasted through the club .

"Uhm ... I don't know about this .. " I said , tucking on my dress , trying to hide as much flesh as I can . I'm so going to kill her for talking me into this .

"You just turned 21 AND IT'S ABOUT TIME YOU HAVE SOME FUN!!! " She said as she started to drag me towards the dance floor . The sweaty bodies were grinding on each other , the smell of mixed fluid filled the air and trust me , I don't even want to know where did that came from .

"You know what ? I'll just stay here you know , in case you got drunk and need a ride home or stuff like that .. " I pushed her hands away from pulling me , laughing awkwardly . Okay I admit , it's really weird for a 21 year old to not set foot in a club before .

"We live together you dumb fuvk . That means if I get drunk , you drown with me . " She pointed a finger at me , with her taking another sip from her beer bottle .

Okay she's fucking drunk alright .

"That doesn't even-- " I wasn't given a chance to finish before the sound of someone firing a bullet came in tune. The loud 'bang' had caused everyone to stop whatever they're doing and shifted their gaze towards the source of the sound .

They silently formed an aisle as the man inched towards the entrance with a gun in hand . Behind him lays from what I see , a dead man .

I stood there frozen as I tried to filter things up . DID SOMEONE JUST PULLED THE TRIGGER ?!? HOLY FUCK SOMEONE JUST COMMITED A MURDER !!

My eyes widened as I shifted my gaze at Briley , who is equally shocked as me . The alcohol in her system seemed to have faded , in exchange of a panicking gaze yelling back at me .

No one dared to make a sound and the only sound that flows through the medium is the sound of the man's heavy footsteps . He had a hat on , covering half his features with the help of the dim lighting in the club . His suit seemed expensive followed by his slacks . My breathing hicked as his terrifying aura brushed through my bare shoulders .

Right now we're mere inches apart but I made no attempt to squirm away . God knows what my little movement would bring to me .

"Just where do you think you're going ? " A dark voice boomed , stopping him dead on his tracks.

The man didn't bother answering , he just smirked at them as he rolled up his sleeves , revealing a huge ass tattoo that swirled over his arms .

Mere seconds after his tattoo came in sight , I was being held right by the throat , with him standing behind me . That's not the end yet , he'd even pointed a gun at my right temple . LIKE , WHAT THE FUVK ?!

I'd almost screamed as the cold metal came in contact with my skin . WHY ME ?! I tried pulling his arms off but he didn't even bulge . "Move and I won't hesitate no more . " He hissed into my ears .

Tears were forming in my eyes as I don't know what to do anymore . This is definately not how I expected my death to look like , especially not on my 21st birthday .

"Out of my way or I'll kill her ! " he yelled at the men that stood at the entrance that blocked the whole door . I could feel the gun being pushed closer against my skin , making me gulp . I looked at the men with pleading eyes but they didn't even blink .

"Kill her , we don't even care . She's vermin anyways . " The one in the middle smirked , causing my heart to sink .

DID HE FUCKING WANT ME TO DIE ?! WHAT HAVE I FUVKING DONE TO OFFEND YOUR FUCKING ASS ?! This is my first time going into a club and I swear to god I have never had sex before so why am I the main victim over here ?

"Yeah , guess you're right . " He paused , looking at my bare shoulders . "But I won't kill her though , not yet . She looked edible . " He smirked at the at the last part , grinding his disgusting lips on my skin. OWH GOD , GET THIS DISGUSTING MAN OFF OF ME !!

"Tsk Tsk Tsk , Too bad you won't be able to savour it . Our alpha is on his way and you're not getting out of here alive . Not this time . " The one in the middle spoke again . Eventhough I hate him for wanting me to die , but I really needed this fucking pervert off of me as spare me a life . SOMEBODY KILL HIM ALREADY !

"awh too bad though , things goes the other way round preety boy . " He smirked darkly . The grip on my neck tightened as I started to choke for air . I could see Bailey panicking like a lost deer , probably regretting bringing me here .

Suddenly , a dark growl came roaring into the club . Gosh will somebody please call the police ? I looked up towards the entrance , expecting for a cop or maybe FBI but dayum ...

A well built man stood tall , his shapes were terrifying , his features were cold and his hair looked edged . The other men bowed at him , mumbling the word 'Alpha' . Whatever that means .

His took a huge intake of breath ,one after another . A frown formed at his forhead as he started to .... sniff ? The heck ?! LIKE HELLO ?! I'M HERE WITH A GUN PRESSED AGAINST MY TEMPLE AND YOU'RE NOT GOING TO SAVE ME ? INSTEAD YOU'RE ACTING ALL DOGGY DOGGY OVER THERE ?!

God what's wrong with people these days ?

The man then scanned around the room , sniffing by the process . His eyes were dangerously sharp as a low growl escaped him from time to time .

His eyes were swimming through the crowds , finally landing on me . His gaze glided down into mine ,causing my knees to go weak all of a sudden .

My breath caught my throat as his green orbs burnt all the way into mine . The world seemed to start fading and what's left is nothing but the both of us ,making me breathless at the same time . His green was a beautiful kind , somehow reminded me of the forest . His eyes shone right into mine , as of whispering little things that nobody is to listen except for me .

Before I could even filter things out , his gaze darkened at the sight of the arm around my neck and the gun that is pressed against my skin .

Within seconds , I was being tossed aside , with the man holding up my axe murderer . Well that was .. holy ..

The gun on his hand fell off , I could even see his hands trembling . "Don't touch what's MINE. " My saviour growled , before breaking the person's neck . He did it like 'snap' , like what kind of peo--

HOLY FUVK HE'D JUST KILLED SOMEONE !! And I was checking out a murderer ?! What in the world of penguins Arix ?!

Eventhough the man had died but the atmosphere in the club is still silent , no one dared to even move a single muscle .

The 'new' murderer took off his coat , inching towards my direction . My heartbeat raced all of a sudden , making my palms sweat .

Within seconds , I was being wrapped around with a thick and comfortable coat , warming my cold and drained limbs .

"Cara , you alright ? " he asked . His manly voice had a trace of thick Italian accent , extremely sexy if you'd asked me .


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