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" Yoo Min! " You heard a familiar voice calling you.. You turn seeing your cousin , Daehyun , you were shock wondering why he was here you asked "hey... shouldn't you be in America I thought you study there now? " you exclaimed,

Daehyun said that his parents are coming back to Korea for a business trip and decided to let him come to the same school like before.... You looked at him surprised ," Are you kidding me? " you gave him a big welcome back hug.

This time Jung Kook was just walking out of his classroom finding you... He saw you hugging Daehyun and just went back to the house both of you shared... As Jung Kook's parents has went for their business trip they decided to leave Jung Kook here as he is unwilling to go because of you...

You said goodbye to Daehyun and decided to find Jung Kook you went to his classroom and saw Jimin. You asked him where Jung Kook was he looked at you confused and said , "he went to find you 15 minutes ago." You thought he must have saw you and Daehyun hugging and went home , being the person Jung Kook is he demands a explanation for everthing...

Jung Kook didn't know that you have a cousin so you assume that what you thought earlier on might be the reason.. Before you went home you stop at a nearby café and got some pastries and drinks that Jung Kook like and went back home...

When you open the door, you didnt see Jung Kook and you shouted " OPPA! " he didn't answer. You went to the dining area and put your things down and head up the stairs with the pastries and drinks and brought it to the room you and Jung Kook shared you saw him laying on the bed preventing eye contact with you...

You lay down beside him after putting the things down and peek over to see his face and kissed him on the cheek and said " I know you saw me hugging a guy, he was my cousin.."

he finally look up to you and said "jinja? " you told him... "You don't believe me? Well in that ca- " before you can finsh he kissed you on the lips passionately and you smiled.... After you knew he was alright. You went to the table to grab the thing you bought and decided to bring it down to put it in a bowl, this time Jung Kook came from behind and hugged your waist and before you could go downstairs he pushed you to the bed and said " after today no one will take you away anymore.."

Knowing what he was going to do you giggled and let him take control.. When Jung Kook takes control he takes control alright, he started kissing your lips passionately and then whispered to your ear " lets try something "

You nodded and he started sucking on your neck causing you to moan and soon both of you are already lying on the bed naked... You were lying on his chest when you took his clothes as you could not find yours and put it on so as you could prepare the food you bought.. Jung Kook was sleeping soundly and you went beside him and started tickling him telling him to wake up..

He woke up and started putting his hand around your waist and his chin on your shoulders as you fed him the pastries....


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