Eighteen: Healing and Breaking

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The next day, Evie found herself back in her office for Evie's 4 Hearts. After their girl talk session, she was beginning to feel better. It felt nice that she and her friends were realizing that they needed help. And she must admit that it must admit that she felt nice to tell her friends about her fears and the fact that she wasn't okay.

Evie looked over the dresses, making sure she had all of her orders ready as she listened to the Auradon News channel that was on in the background. "Hades' surprise appearance at the Seaside Celebration caught the attention of everyone in Auradon, especially since he took our favorite villain kids with him to the Underworld," The news anchor reported, the television showing Hades attacking the once elegant event.

The television then showed a press conference with Hermes in front of the gates of Mount Olympus. "Since then, the kingdom was left on high alert in fear of another attack from the Lord of the Dead. We'll all had many questions, and Hermes was sent to answer them. According to Hermes, Hades' motives behind his recent actions were unclear but Zeus personally went down to the Underworld to talk to his brother. And of course, we were concerned for our favorite band of heroes. With Mal, Evie, Jay and Carlos being the best friends of his daughter, Helena, Hades promised that no harm will come to the four. However, it is a difficult situation since only Hades and Queen Persephone are the only ones will control in that domain."

Evie smiled, learning how much the Olympians did to cover for them during their trip to the Isle. "I really have to hand it to them."

"And we are happy to report that Helena, Carlos, Mal, Evie and Jay were spotted back in Auradon earlier this week. The five friends were seen sitting in the grass, taking their time to talk to one another. It is unclear when they returned or what happened in the Underworld, but they are back and hopefully here to stay."

A knock on the door caused Evie to look up from her work, "Come in."

The door opened and in came Doug, trying to catch his breath. "I ran all the way over here after I heard on the news that you guys were back. When did you get back?"

"We came back yesterday," Evie replied.

"First, Helena and Mal disappear then you, Ben, Carlos, and Jay because apparently you all went camping. And after that, you guys come back without Helena because her dad wanted her back home. But you guys were all secretive, and started ditching class again, you even kicked me and Jane out of the room one day. And the next thing I know, the Lord of the Dead is taking you, Mal, Jay and Carlos in the Underworld and you guys all pop back up like nothing ever happened... Evie, what's been going on with you guys?"

The blue haired princess shifted slightly under Doug's gaze, "That's complicated... like really, really complicated."

"Have you been seeing someone else?" The son of Dopey asked lowly, the daughter of the Evil Queen momentarily caught off guard by the question.

"What- No, Doug, of course not," Evie exclaimed,wondering how he could ever think like that.

"Is it Happy's son?" Doug asked, pointing off in the distance. "Because let me tell you, he is not as happy as his dad.... kinda a dark streak, in fact."

Evie was pushing everyone out lately, using her work to distract herself from crazy things revolving around Helena and the Isle. And it scared Doug, his insecurities getting a hold of him to the point that he thought his fear of Evie leaving him for someone better was coming true.

But Evie could never do something like that to Doug because there was no one better for her than him. The son of Dopey defended her when Mr. Delay accused her of cheating and threatened to get her expelled, believing in her at a point when she hardly believed in herself. Evie grew to care for him as he continued to support her and be there for her whenever she needed him. He even helped her launch her fashion line, handling the accounting, dress deliveries and other things. Even though he wasn't a prince that her mother wanted her to have, Doug was kind, smart, and charming in his own ways. And the Evil Queen may hate the dwarves, disliking what she taught to be little, insignificant men for thwarting her plans, but her daughter was in love with one and couldn't be happier.

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