Chapter 8: Lucy~nee

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Lucy's P.O.V

I'm driving Wendy home and I stop in front of her house and she bursts back into tears. "I-I do-on't w-want to-o b-be here!" She sobs.

 Shoot, I should have thought this through. Her brother had just been shot here and I was telling her sleep there alone.

"Oh, wanna come to my place?" I ask. "I w-wouldn't w-want to b-be a b-burden..." She stutters. "Nope, not up for discussion." I gently take her hand and lead her to my car. "Th-thank you..." She whispers.

I drive to my house. I walk out of the car and take Wendy's hand. She clings onto my hand for dear life and buries her face into my forearm.

I open the door and turn the lights on. We walk upstairs into my bedroom. Wendy drags me over to my bed and plops down on covers, still clutching tightly onto my hand.

After what felt like an eternity, probably about five minutes, she seems to have gone to sleep. I slowly take my hand out of hers and change into my pjs.

I go to the bathroom and right as I walk out I almost trip over Wendy. "Miss Lucy, can you sing me a song? Natsu always sings me to sleep..." She mumbles, clearly tired. Natsu sings her to sleep? Wait, Natsu SINGS?!

"Err uhm, how about I put some music on?" I suggest. "Ugh...fine, oh uh I mean, thank you." Wendy plops herself back down on my bed as I put some music on my phone and plug it in.

Wendy quickly falls asleep, but I can't seem to get comfortable. I stay awake for about 3 hours staring at the ceiling thinking.

 How could anyone ever see Natsu as dangerous? Sure he's strong but he's also caring. How is it that the entire school refuses to talk to him just because he's strong and doesn't use magic? The only reason Natsu is even hurt is because he was protecting Wendy.

I keep thinking until I eventually fall asleep.


*beep* *bEEp* *BEEP* *BEEP* "Ugh..." I roll over and turn off my alarm clock. I'm about to get up, when I realize Wendy lying on my other arm. That's right, she slept here. I gently shake her.

"Wendy. Wendy, time to wake up." "just five more minutes buba..." she groans and rolls over. Why does she keep saying buba? Is that what she calls Natsu?  "Nope, not five more minutes you have school."

I lightly tickle her stomach, she screams then kicks me in the face. "Ooowwwww" I groan lying on the floor. She can really kick.  "Oh my gosh I'm so sorry Miss Lucy!!" Wendy jumps off the bed and kneels next to me.

"I'm sorry, I didn't mean to. Are you ok?" She looks worriedly at me. (By the way in this fanfic Wendy only has sky dragon slayer magic not healing magic) "Yeah I'm fine. You have a strong kick there."

I get up and walk to my dresser. Wait, Wendy doesn't have any clean clothes.  As if reading my thoughts Wendy says "It's fine I'll just wear this outfit it's not that dirty."

Yeah not that dirty, you know just a few blood stains and tears but yeah sure, not that dirty. Before I could say anything she was already out of the room and walking down the stairs.

"So what's for breakfast Lucy~nee?" She asks. "'Nee'?" I ask and her eyes go a little wide. "Oh, sorry Miss Lucy, I uh, you're just so nice and I always wanted a sister and I guess it just slipped out. Sorry again Miss Lucy." She looks embarrassed 

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