Silly Antics

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"Justin stop it," Shawn's face was blushing a bright red and he was quite irritated because of Justin teasing him. Justin coo'd at the teenager and ran his fingers through his curly locks. "Okay, I'll stop."

He smirked and rubbed Shawn's lower back before sneaking in a quick wedgie. Shawn squirmed and whined, pushing him away with tears on the brinks of his eyes. "You're teasing me and I don't like it, stop!" He yelled.

"Are you yelling at me?" Justin asked. His voice suddenly became strict and scary which made Shawn bury himself into his hoodie. He crossed his arms and rolled his eyes, "Nah."

Justin rolled his eyes and and slapped his brother's thigh which made him wince and slap Justin's thigh back. Justin looked over at his brother and leaned over, "Oh really?" He asked Shawn daringly and Shawn either bravely or foolishly took his brother's dare on.

"Absolutely," he smirked and crossed his arms in triumph. His smirk didn't last long because Justin pulled Shawn close and planted a sharp slap on his thigh. Shawn winced and slapped Justin's ankle while over his knee.

"Justin stop!" He laughed and coughed while over Justin's lap. Justin started landing sharper smacks on Shawn's bottom which made Shawn start to whimper in pain, "No!"

"You gonna hit your big brother?" Justin rose his eyebrow and Shawn panicked, "No, I wont." He winced, whining slightly. He hadn't been spanked for an entire 2 weeks and he wasn't trying to get one right now.

"You'd better not, ya knucklehead." Justin ran his knuckles through Shawn's scalp and Shawn blushed and squirmed, trying his hardest to get away from Justin.

"S-Stop man!" He yelled. Justin smirked and stopped, giving his bottom one last hard smack.
Shawn hopped up and tried to get away from Justin, primarily his hands.

"I'm going to the pool, kiddo." Justin said as he got up and walked towards his indoor pool. Shawn stopped fixing his curls and called after his brother, "Can I go with you?"

"Yes sir, go change into your swim trunks." Justin said, disappearing into another large portion of the house. Shawn smiled goofily at that.

"Kay!" Shawn sprouted back before he tore off to his bedroom and quickly changed into a pair of swim trunks and a black t shirt.

"And I know, that I can't, get caught up," Shawn was singing along to a song by H.E.R, he'd been obsessed with her recently due to her vocal abilities and how stunning she was.

"We could've been, and we tried to pre-ah!" Wham! Justin had hit his brother in the face with a random shirt that was laying around the pool grounds. Shawn was about to yell at his brother before he looked at the shirt and blushed, "s-sorry,"

Shawn mumbled before tossing it onto one of the chairs. Justin raised an eyebrow and pointed at him, "Don't leave items in this room, understand?"

"Yes sir," Shawn mumbled quickly and went to go sit next to Justin in the pool area. Shawn placed two legs inside the water and he shivered. "Fuck! It's cold!" Shawn bit his lip and apologized when he saw the look on Justin's face.

"Sorry," he mumbled and started singing that song again, making Justin tease him a little. "So you're into H.E.R now? Is it because she reminds you of Alyoné?" Justin smirked at his brother's sudden blushing.

Shawn glared at Justin before he splashed him with water with his feet, getting some in Justin's mouth. Justin coughed, "Bro stop!"

Shawn laughed like a maniacal villain as Justin wiped the bleach tasting water from his mouth. Justin grabbed Shawn's waist and pulled him into the water with him, holding him close as Shawn shivered like a chihuahua.

"N-not funny, big brother," Shawn shivered. Justin rubbed his back and pulled his shirt off of him, making Shawn blush. "I wanted that on!" He whined as Justin tossed it onto one of the chairs.

"Baby, you're in the water, you don't need a shirt honey." He smirked and gave Shawn another hug as Shawn began to tear up. "You need to stop being so sensitive when it comes to your body love. It's just me, anyways." He ruffled his hair.

Shawn nodded and sighed and began to play in the water since it wasn't as cold anymore. He smirked and splashed Justin and swam underneath the water. Justin shook his head at his little brother's antics and decided to be a big kid again himself as he got out of the pool.

"Hey kiddo I'll be back," Justin smirked and Shawn simply shrugged and started singing again, "Maybe I'm that myself that but there isn't anything that will change that,"

he was completely distracted by his singing that he didn't hear his brother behind him and he definitely couldn't have protected himself from Justin hiking his swim shorts up his backside, giving him a massive wedgie.

"Bubby stop!" He whined childishly, trying to pry himself away but only made his wedgie deeper. "Okay okay! No more!" He yelled and splashed. Justin chuckled at how wild his brother was getting over a wedgie.

"Shawn relax yourself," he said in a stern voice, simply holding Shawn's shorts but not pulling. Shawn was doing the wedgie himself now since he kept trying to get away. Justin's eyes widened when Shawn tore away and fell face first into the water.

"My god, why do you do this shit?" Justin sighed deeply and pulled the crying teenager out of the water quickly. Shawn started coughing and choking on water and Justin sat him on the edge of the pool and patted his back, making Shawn cough the water back out.

Still crying due to the fear factor, Shawn was panicking. Justin rubbed his back and put his face close to Shawn's. "You're okay, baby." He murmured and wrapped his arms around Shawn, rubbing his back while he hugged him. "Breathe," Justin murmured.

Shawn sniffled and buried his face in Justin's neck, whimpering quietly as Justin rocked him softly. "Did you wanna take a break from the pool now? I think it's lunch time," Justin asked softly and Shawn thought for a moment before he nodded and wrapped his arms around Justin's neck.

"Carry me," He mumbled. Justin kissed his forehead, "I would but I can't baby, you're too tall. C'mon," he said as he helped Shawn up and walked him out of the pool area, holding his hand.

Justin still couldn't help himself as he snuck another wedgie to his brother's swim trunks. Shawn glared at Justin, "justy!" He whined which made Justin laugh heartily.

"Sorry baby," He smirked and kissed the side of his head.

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