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Reign sighed as she tapped her acrylics on the counter she sat at.

Her food was taking mad long to come and she was only going to get hungrier and even more irritated.

She sighed, picking up her phone that sat on the counter.

Tobias😻: daddy?

Kitten😺♥️: Yes, baby?

Tobias😻: the foods taking soooo long😾!

Kitten😺♥️: Patience, Kitten. Or do you want me to teach you another lesson about it?🤨

Reign smiled. She loved when her and Toby where doing good in their relationship. She sighed again, thinking about their gloomy days.

Oh my gosh don't cry in front of these people, girl!

Reign tells her self and she sniffles a bit.

Tobias😻: im sorry:(. im just really hungry😔.

Kitten😺♥️: Smile, princess 😘.

Tobias😻: see you later, daddy :).

Reign bit her lip, trying to hide the big grin that was longing to spread across her lips.

"I see you and Toby are doing well."

Reign jumps in her stool. She turns to the voice that almost scared her to death and they grabbed her phone.

"Boy," she rolled her eyes. "Hand my phone back over to me."

Austin stepped closer to her, bending down to level their eyes and gripping her thighs.

"We are in public, yes, but that doesn't give you the right to call me out my name. Do it again and see what happens. You understand?"

Austin couldn't believe how Reign was behaving at this moment. He scoffed, putting his number into her contact list and then sliding it into his back pocket.

"Yes.." Reign trails off, lowering her eyes to look at his tie and trying to keep her thighs apart.

Austin grabs her by the jaw, pulling her face back up to his.

"Yes what?" He ordered her to tell him his name.

"Yes daddy Austin," Reign whispered.

Austin let her go and she clenched her thighs, letting out a breath and fanning herself.

In just the few seconds he was here, he had her wanting to beg him for more.

He sat beside her as she played a game on her phone.

"Leave Toby." He stated. Reign looked over to him with wide eyes. "C'mon princess, I want you to wear my collar bad. I wasn't planning on begging but shit girl." Reign frowned, "Daddy Austin, I have a past with Dad-"

"Don't choose history over happiness, baby. You're just confused right now but that's fine. You gonna love me soon enough. How have y'all relationship been?" He licked his lips and smiled at her.

Ugh. He was just so fine.

"Our relationship over these 2 weeks have been alright.." Reign looks down.

She was lying.

"Princess... you can talk to me,"

Reign giggled, "Aren't you like a big, tough daddy?" Austin smiled at her.

So cute.

"Yeah but I have a soft spot for the ones I wanna love up on." He answered her as a waiter came to set her food in front of her.

"Thank you, sir." Reign states with a smile and Austin watched as the boy stuttered out his no problem.

I know right, kid?

He thought to himself.

"Well I'm gonna go." Reign waves at Austin and he watched her backside as she left.

He licked his lips turning to the kid to see him watching Reign too.

"Hey, kid? Have you not any respect for women?" He asked throwing up his right hand.

"Shiiit, obviously not if I'd let her catch a case." The kid answered and Austin furrowed his eyebrows in anger.

Then he laughed.

He couldn't even be mad at the kid.

He still got reign phone 💀.

Chapter shitty but yeah ight ♥️! I'll work on the next one now

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