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"Filth! Scum! By-products of dirt and vileness! Half-breeds, mutants, freaks, begone from this place! How dare you befoul the house of my fathers!"

A loud screeching voice interrupted the conversation that was happening between a father and daughter in the kitchen. Sirius shared a sad smile before he manoeuvred out of the kitchen and towards the portrait of his mother.

Aurora quickly followed, her ponytail swishing at her neck as she ran up the stairs and saw Tonks, Mrs Weasley, Hermione, Ron and Harry all standing at the top of the stairs, looking shocked.

"Shut up, you horrible old hag. Shut up!" Sirius roared, he grabbed the curtains that were hanging around the framed photo.

"You!" The woman in the portrait howled, "Blood traitor, abomination, shame of my flesh!"

"I said, shut up!" Sirius growled one more time and with the help of Remus Lupin (who followed the pair upstairs) they finally got the curtains shut, sending the old woman's screeches to die down. 

Panting and swiping his black hair out of his face, Sirius turned to look at Harry, "Hello, Harry. I see you've met my mother."


"My dear old mother, yeah," Sirius mumbled, "We've been trying to get her down for about a month but we think she put a Permanent Sticking Charm on the back of the canvas, so the curtains just have to do. Let's go downstairs, quick, before the other ones wake up."

"But what's a portrait of your mother doing here?" Harry asked, bewildered as the large group were descending down the stairs. 

"Hasn't anyone told you?" Sirius asked, "This was my parents' house. But Aurora and I are the last Blacks left, so it's ours. Although, we decided to offer it to Dumbledore for Headquarters."

Aurora smiled sadly at her dad before she jumped down the last stair and pushed open the kitchen door where Mr Weasley and Bill were talking in hushed tones at the end of the long table, Aurora noticed the parchment in between the father and son and cleared her throat to grab their attention. 

"Harry!" Mr Weasley said, hurrying forwards to greet the fifteen year old boy, "Good to see you."

Aurora watched as Bill hastily rolled up the parchment before he placed it into his robe pocket and stood up to greet Harry, "Journey all right, Harry? Mad-Eye didn't make you come via Greenland, then?"

"He tried," Aurora admitted causing Bill to let out a quiet chuckle.

"Sit down, Harry," Sirius said, "You've met Mundungus."

Mundungus, who even Aurora didn't notice, picked his head up off the table, dirty rags fell from his head as he looked around, "Someone say my name? I agree with Sirius," he said sleepily, his bloodshot eyes opening and closing as he raised his arm up in the air.

"The meeting's over," Remus said as both he and Sirius sat down at the end of the table, "Harry's arrived."

'Eh?" Mundungus said, he then moved his head to the side before he finally noticed the boy, "Blimey, alright, Harry?"

"Yeah," Harry said awkwardly, nodding his head and pulling his lips into a thin-linned smile.

Before anyone else could say anything, Mrs Weasley piped up, her hand on her hip as she scanned the room, "If you want dinner before midnight I'll need a hand."

Aurora and Ginny both walked over to the cutlery draw and cupboards which contained the plates and cups, bumping into each other as they did which caused them to laugh loudly as they carried on doing so when taking out the cutlery, making Mrs Weasley roll her eyes at the girls playfully.

"Oh, not you Harry. You can stay where you are dear, you've had a long journey," Mrs Weasley said waving her hand at Harry who looked as if he was mid-way through getting up off his seat.

"What can I do, Molly?" Tonks asked enthusiastically, jumping forwards.

Mrs Weasley hesitated, " dear, it's alright, Tonks, you have a rest too."

"No, no, I want to help," Tonks instead, her lips pulled in a wide smile as she walked over, knocking over a chair before she reached Aurora and Ginny, almost falling into the two girls causing them to laugh loudly at the clumsy violet haired woman. 

"Oh, Tonks, I love you," Aurora smiled brightly causing Tonks to return the smile as she grabbed some plates from the cupboards, catching them just in time before they could come crashing down onto the floor. 

Aurora jumped in surprise as a loud crack sounded from behind her, almost dropping the cup that she stood on her tip-toes to reach just seconds earlier. She turned around and glared at the twins who were clutching their stomachs as they laughed at the reaction of the three witches.

"I have no idea how you've put up with them for so long," Ginny muttered, shaking her head as she looked at the black haired witch before walking over to the long table.

"Neither have I," Tonks added before she quickly followed Ginny, tripping over her shoelace before she reached the table. 

"Where the hell did you two disappear off to?" Aurora asked looking between the smirking pair.

"You'll find out soon enough, sweet Aurora," George told her as he twirled a piece of her hair that fell of out the ponytail and was framing her face, causing her to furrow her eyebrows and look skeptically at them before rolling her eyes and walking over to the long table with the glasses and cups she got out of the cupboard.

"Fred! George! NO! JUST CARRY THEM!" Mrs Weasley shrieked. Aurora almost dropped the glass she was placing in front of Harry before she turned her head towards Mrs Weasley. Within a split second she moved away from the table, noting that Harry, Sirius, Remus and even Mundungus did the same as they noticed a bewitched cauldron of stew floating in the air, alongside a flask of Butterbeer and a heavy wooden breadboard completed with a sharp bread knife. 

Aurora groaned as she noticed the wands in both of the twins' hands and carefully watched as they tried their very best to control the objects. However, they weren't so lucky; the cauldron filled with stew slid along the table, halting right at the very end spilling most of it's content around it. The flask of Butterbeer had completely smashed and the knife that had been on the breadboard slipped off it and landed-pointing down and quivering ominously- exactly where Sirius' hand had been seconds before. 


"We were just trying to save a bit of time!" Fred said, as he ran over and tried to wrench the bread knife out of the table, "Sorry, Sirius, mate- didn't mean to-"

Sirius watched in amusement as his daughter's boyfriend finally ripped the knife out of the table and he couldn't help but to laugh loudly as he looked at the whole scene. Aurora and Harry quickly joined in as did Ginny and Tonks, however the two girls managed to hide their laughter a lot better.

"Boys," Mr Weasley said calmly, cleaning up the mess using his wand, "Your mother's right, you're suppose to show a sense of responsibility now that you've come of age-"

"None of your brothers caused this sort of trouble!" Mrs Weasley yelled, "Bill didn't feel the need to Apparate every few feet! Charlie didn't charm everything he met. Percy-" She stopped dead in her tracks, her breathing quickened.

"Let's eat!" Bill quickly said.

"It looks delicious, Molly," Remus commented, ladling stew onto a plate for her and handing it across the table.  For a few minutes there was dead silence but the clink of plates and cutlery and the scrapes of chairs broke it as everyone finally settled down to enjoy their dinner. 

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