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Ellis Hollington slipped in to a ridiculously expensive Chanel dress, with ridiculously tall Prada heels to match. She stared into the mirror, consumed with her beauty. Her long,glossy blonde hair cascaded down her back. Her brown eyes looked like pools of honey. With a satisfied smile, she turned and left the room.

Kensington Academy was already buzzing with rumors about Ellis. Some said that all she did was sleep with countless guys. Others said that she had stayed in New York the whole time. Many believed that she jetted off to some exclusive resort off the coast of California. Either way, the rumor mill was churning. But, Ellis enjoyed the attention. She craved it.

Ellis stepped out if her dorm, long legs covering ground. Most of the courtyard had turned to stare. They were all wearing the standard uniform - plaid skirt, polo shirt, navy sweater. Ellis, however, simply didn't care. She wasn't attending any classes, so there was no need to come in the hideous uniform. All she was doing was sitting through a boring meeting with the headmistress

As she walked into the office, a wave of horror passed through Ellis' brain. There were her parents. her mother, decked out in skimpy designer clothing that nobody over 25 should be wearing, her father wearing a Armani suit, his standard uniform. He looked throughly disgusted by the way the headmistress was admiring him, as if she couldn't see had had a wife, even if he did have a affair at least 2 times a week. Ellis quickly pushed that thought away.
"Mother, father. I wasn't aware you would be here." She said in a cool tone, a slight smile stretched across her blindingly white teeth.
"Well, honey," her dad paused "we were told to come by your lovely headmistress here." He said all the while receiving a dirty glare from Alexandria Hollington
"Oh yes. I figured that your parents would like to discuss the situation last year with me and maybe-" she started rambling and Ellis cut her off
"We have already discussed the matter, ma'am." She said, settling back into the chair

Khloe Kinsella ran up to Ellis and wrapped her arms round her
"Ellis! You're back! The rumors are true" she exclaimed
Ellis rolled her eyes "Woah Khlo, chill. How many shots of expresso did they put in your drink this morning." Khloe looked down at her feet "anyways, yes, I'm back. I expect that you haven't told anyone about Paris?" She said, arching one perfectly shaped eyebrow.
"Oh, of course! You know I keep my word. Jackson wants to know where you are. He missed you too." Khloe said tentatively
"Where is he?" Ellis asked
Khloe shrugged. "Maybe by his dorm." She said. But Ellis had already gone
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