Hey...new ship~

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After that whole thing with Ryuu and Star, we all decided to move on.


We have a new ship now...

I was standing beside Ryuu, watching over everyone. 

"Yo, Sylvee," Ryuu speaks up. I turn to look at her, tilting my head a bit. 

"Yes?" I reply. She nods her head at two people...

Toxic and Sean?



Toxic is smiling at something Lily said and Sean looks like he's trying to grab Toxic's attention. Ryuu smiles at the sight like the sadist she is. 

"Poor Sean. He's failing in making Toxic pay attention," she chuckles. 

I smile at her nervously, agreeing quietly. 

I notice that Lily leaves and Toxic is about to follow her...

But Sean trips over nothing and on top of Toxic. 

They both groan and look at each other, blushes visible from miles away. Everyone laughs and chants "SHIP! SHIP! SHIP!" Even I can't help but join in.  

"OBLIGATORY GAY COUPLE!" Rocket screams out. I sigh and Ryuu pats me on the head. 

"It's interesting, right?" I nod at her words.

"OBLIGATORY LESBIAN COUPLE!" Rocket screams out, pointing at the both of us. Ryuu narrows her eyes, a dangerous, dark aura surrounds her. 

"You have 10 seconds to run as fast as you can..." she growls out. 

Rocket does nothing...

After 3 seconds, he starts running, screaming at each pair of friends "OBLIGATORY GAY COUPLE!" as he goes. 

Ryuu chases after him with her Master Sword. 

"Good thing I sharpened my sword for this!"

Rocket continues screaming as they both pass each new...couple:

Ashura and Addy...

VJ and Rikusp...

Even Shiny and Star. 

Ryuu manages to knock Rocket out and drags him outside, maybe disposing his body, or just locking him out of our base. Who knows with her. 

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