Chapter 1

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We live in a world, and in that world live lots of people. Those people are all different but they do all have their hearts in the same place. Hearts will love and get loved. But sometimes hearts get broken.

It's proven that girls will be hurt at first but get over the heartbreak after a while, some take longer then others. But guys, guys are okay at first, and will hurt after a while. They will get over it but it is going to take longer.

And then there are guys that get so hurt more then once. They will hurt so much that they cut everyone one out and change personalities. One of those guys was Alex. Alex oxlade chamberlain. Aka the fuckboy of makewood high. A school in London.

Alex was hurt, he was broken. He was so hurt that he didn't care if he hurt anyone else because they wouldn't hurt as much as he did anyway.

But one day, there was a glance of hope. Hope he would find love. Love that taught him that if something's broken, you should find a way to fix it. Or a someone that fixed it.

It was a Monday morning. First period for the students of Makewood high. The name is deceiving cause they only made wood in the class of wood processing. The bell had just rang, all the classrooms became full with students.

I slowly walked inside my classroom, still half sleeping "ah mr. Oxlade-Chamberlain I see you also decided to show up?" I looked up to find my teacher and the whole class looking at me I sighed "Do I have to get a late note?" I rubbed my eyes "no sit down, next time you do!" I closed the door "Yes sir" and sat down in my seat.

I wasn't paying attention, do people really think I'm gonna sit here for 50 minutes listening to some guy talking about a book? And that 3 times in a week? No thank you.

"Alex, what did you think about the book?" Mr. foster asked me. I red the book, well I red some pages. A romantic love story about two people who are completely different and fall in love. "Total crap!" I said honestly "why?" He looked at me. "It's just another love story. There's nothing different. And to be honest these people are so different that they can't even fall in love, they are too different. They don't match in any way". The bell rang "thank you class, we'll continue tomorrow" foster said sitting down. I stood up and walked to my next class.

After another boring hour I walked to my locker. I grabbed my pack of cigarettes and put them in my pocket. I started walking to the exit off the school looking on my phone when I bumped into someone. My phone fell out my hands but the person I ran into caught it. "Almost started costing you money there" I said angry finally looking at the person. I was met by two beautiful ocean blue eyes. "Exactly, almost" She sassed back. I tried to grab my phone out her hands. "Nah ah" she pulled her hand back "my books" she pointed to the ground. "Really?" She nodded. I looked around to find no one else in the hallway, everyone was at lunch. I pushed her slightly into the lockers and grabbed her arms pushing them above her head. I snatched my phone out of her hands. "Pick them up yourself, bitch" I said in her face and walked off.

"Hey Alex!" Andre said giving me a fist bump. "You got my cigarettes?" Jorden asked me. "Yeah" I gave them to him. "Hey listen, Andre got himself a girlfriend" Matt wrapped his arm around my shoulder " no way? Another one of you're hoes?" I laughed "Wow! Nah this one is to keep" he laughed "how you're doing with the girls then" Andre said back.

"Yeah, is Alexander ever going to get a girl longer then 3 days" Jordan laughed "fuck boy that he is" I didn't react. "I can't wait until this fucking day is over"

"Sit down loudspeakers" mrs. Wieners said loud. "Good, were gonna start with a new chapter, open you're books please"

I didn't know what it was but I kept thinking about what happened in the hallway. The girl, I have never seen her before. But you could tell she wasn't new. To be honest I don't really care About the people here, I don't even know most of them. They know me though. I looked out the window.

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