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( chapter eight. )


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( after memory one, two, and three. )

  IT WAS THE NIGHT BEFORE BUCKY'S departure and Andrea had decided that the best way for the trio to spend their last few hours together was by having a night out. Currently, they were at an event called the Stark Expo and it was hosted by none other than Howard Stark himself. Though, to be quite truthful, Andy didn't care much for the man. She was only there for the fireworks and her friends.

  However, the Jones girl had to admit that she was enjoying his theatrics onstage.

  "You know, I still can't believe you enlisted as a nurse and didn't tell me." Bucky spoke up as the three walked throughout a large crowd of people. Andrea rolled her eyes at his tone, knowing he was still bitter over what had happened. It wouldn't be long before her and Steve were sent out to their base as well. Andy knew that Bucky was worried for her, though he had no reason to be.

  "Technically, I did tell you." Andrea tried to reason, though her words only elicited a scoff of humour from the Barnes man. The Jones girl grinned and looped her arm through Bucky's. "No, the only reason you admitted to it was because I saw your enlistment form at the registration office." He replied, looking down at the female with an eyebrow risen in challenge.

  Andrea shrugged and a teasing smile emerged on her lips. "Who knows, maybe I planted the form so you would see it." She replied, to which Bucky laughed and shook his head. "I highly doubt that." He told her before pulling the brunette closer and kissing the side of her head. Andrea grinned at the affectionate action, knowing it would emit some dramatic form of disgust from Steve.

  The Jones girl looked back and laughed at the sight of the Rogers boy making puking gestures with his hand. Steve grinned and, upon being waved over, he came to stand beside Andy. "What do you think you're doing, lingering behind?" The brunette reprimanded him as she linked arms with the blond.

  "Some of us don't like being the thirdwheel." The Rogers boy replied, eliciting an eyeroll in return from the female. "I promise to keep the PDA to a minimum." She told him and Steve only hummed his response, though it sounded strangely like doubt to her. The Jones girl laughed before turning to watch as the fireworks began.

  A smile adorned her lips as she looked up at the night sky, watching the beautiful blasts of colour with bliss. Andrea turned to Bucky with a smile, only to find that he was already staring down at her. His expression could only be described as one of pure adoration. "What?" The female questioned, eyebrows furrowed in confusion.

  Bucky chuckled and shook his head. "Nothing, I just really love you." He replied, to which Andy rose an eyebrow at the sudden declaration. "Charming." She told him with a grin, though his words made her heart race. "As always." Bucky retorted before leaning in and swiftly kissing her on the lips.

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