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Name: Shadow Rosette

Age: 15

Human or monster: Half human half ghost

Magic/powers: Phasing through objects, levitation, speed (can outrun a single human or monster), healing magic, reset (tho she wouldn't reset), summoning chains and pyrokinesis (fire powers)

Soul color: Green

Soul trait: Kindness

Personality: Kind, shy, depressed

Backstory: When Shadow was 5 her (adoptive) brother killed her sister and (adoptive) parents in front of her and she was abused (by her adoptive brother)

Looks: Black hair (the streaks are blue), green eyes, black sweater with orange stripes, grey leggings, black boots

Gender: Female (trans)

(She doesn't always wear her skirt but she wears her cloak)

(Also her real name is Shade Darkness Rosette they call her Shadow to pick on her)

Theme song:

Her real parents are Erick and Ericka Rosette and her real brother is Jeffrey Rosette

Ruby, Shadow and Jeffrey was split apart for their safety

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