Summer Camp?

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-This book was written when I was VERY young. It is filled with errors, plot holes, cringe worthy lines and many, MANY more issues. Please keep this in mind before continuing. If you are expecting this to be anything like my most recent work, you will be sorely disappointed.

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I'm excited for this one, it shall be fun writing it. Anyway, if you like it, comment, vote and all that good stuff. Oh and feel free to fan me.

I have two editors for this, so this chapter is dedicated to one of them, Fallzswimmer my sister.

Please enjoy. 

Also although this story is under humor, there may be a little romance in there, justkidding, a lot, eventually. Anyway, just keep that in mind, and I will try to keep it funny. 

Picture of Mia>>>>>>


"Mom, when you said you loved me, I thought you meant it."

My mother gave me a warm smile. "I do love you."

Of course she loved me. I was just frustrated with her.

I opened up my underwear drawer and dumped every last panty into my already full duffle bag. "Then why would you get me a job, at an all-boys summer camp? What guy even wants to go to an all-boys summer camp in the first place?"

"Well first off, this is a great way for you to make money and second, I'm sure not all the guys mind it. And to answer your questions truthfully some boys are sent there as a punishment of some sort," my mother replied, tucking a piece of hair behind my ear before placing a gentle kiss on my cheek.

"What, you're sending me to go cook for creepy delinquents?" I asked, concerned laced in my words.

She rolled her eyes. "No, they are delinquents! Some of them are there for fun too!"

"I doubt it, unless they're gay," I replied, shrugging my shoulders.

I was always truthful with my mother. We were like best friends, that's why I was so surprised when she said she was shipping me off to some camp for a summer job. Looking into her deep brown eyes, I could tell something was off. Had her and my dad been fighting again?

"Well, are you trying to tell me something Mia? Because if you are not happy about being sent to an all boys camp, then I think it's time to discuss something," she said sarcastically, knowing that I was way too into boys to be gay. Not that I had anything against gay people.

I grabbed a piece of clothing that was lying on the bed and threw it at her. "Whatever, just let me leave dad a note and then we'll be off."

Slowly walking to the desk I picked up my favorite pink pen and scribbled down a few things for my dad. Even though I had said goodbye the night before, I still wanted to leave him a letter. After all, I would be gone almost the whole summer.

Finishing my note, I neatly laid it onto my desk and met my mom outside. She already had the car running, so I quickly slipped in and buckled my seat belt. "Off we go," I said reaching to turn on the radio.

"Only four hours of driving," she joked.

Great I thought as we pulled out of the driveway. Just great.


"Mom, did you seriously just take another right, I said left!"

My mom swiftly did a U-turn and then took a right. "See, there's the sign," I stated pointing over to the wooden sign that said "Welcome to Camp Single Tree".

"Uh, that's funny. I see a lot more than one tree," my mom said, trying to be funny. It was only funny because she said it.

Chuckling to myself I looked down at my phone screen. I had been texting my best friend Nathan the whole ride, but he had failed to text back over the past twenty minutes.

"I hope they have air conditioning in the cabin I'm staying in because this ninety degree weather will kill me!"

Finally what looked like the main building came into view. Although it reminded me of some log cabin a really rich person would stay in for the winter, it wasn't too oversized. Almost like the size of a really big cafeteria. Gazing past the large building I spotted an open field with two soccer nets at each end. To my amazement, there were about twenty shirtless guys running around the field kicking a soccer ball around.

Well, it wasn't that amazing that they were playing soccer, it was just amazing because they all looked so hot. Shirtless, muscles flexed and bare backs dripping with sweat. Maybe this summer wouldn't be so bad. Trying to take my mind off the boys, I peered over to where the lake was. A little sandy beach lead out to beautiful teal water that rippled gently onto shore. Everything was so pretty. Finally I spotted the log cabins that must have been the dorms. There were at least twenty of them lined up next to the lake.

"See, you'll have fun here," my mother started, seeing how interested I looked. "Well, lets go talk to the camp manager. She really can't wait to meet you."

Wait, the camp manager was a girl? "Mom, did you say she?" I asked, wondering why they would have a woman run an all-boy's camp.

"Yeah, she is the one who wanted you. See they had an assistant cook, but he couldn't make it and they saw the application form I filled out and sent at the beginning of the year and needed you on short notice."

I nodded my head, sort of wishing my mom wouldn't have sent that application. I just wanted to spend the summer hanging out with Nathan at the beach all day.

Opening the car door, I made my way to the trunk where my things were. My mother popped the trunk and I pulled out a duffle bag and my sleeping bag.

"Do you need help?" she asked before I shook my head no.

I followed her up to the building, and as soon as we were inside I was relieved to feel cool air. "Oh you must be Mrs. Fray, and this must be your daughter Mia," said a woman with long brown hair and plump red cheeks as shee approached the two of us.

I nodded my head.

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